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Topographic Productions
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This album goes all over the place. It ranges from shitty synth. pop to solid gothic rock/metal backed with electronic elements to space rock to electronica. The songs seem to be randomly thrown together into an album that has absolutely no cohesion. One song a boring guy will sing, the next the decent woman will. However, the individual songs often work pretty well. I’m a fan of rock, so when it veers off into synth pop or electronica I get left behind. The goth rock and gothic metal segments are great, the pop moments I found boring. Someone else who likes those genres more will probably have a completely different take on this CD than I do. As a result I've recommended all of the heavier rock songs, because those are the ones I liked.


Sounds Like: 
Depeche Mode
Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Pink Floyd
Recommended Tracks: 
3) Damage - By far the best track. Gothic rock/metal song with great vocals and guitars
12) Into the Rain - Pink Floydy, great guitars
5) Rage - Decent electronic/rock song, a bit lengthier
Alex Block
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