Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Hans Zimmer ft. Rodrigo & Gabriela
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Disney Records
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If you haven't yet seen the Pirates of the Caribbean films, then stop whatever you're doing, find the nearest movie theatre, video rental store, smartphone, etc. and correct your fatal pop-culture oversight immediately. If you have seen the films then, surprise, you have a pretty good idea of what this album sounds like (if you even glance at the "Sounds Like" section, seek help). Although, where Disney's marketing genious really comes into play and makes this a surprisingly listenable album is in the second half. A slew of popular club DJ's have been brought in to remix the soundtrack and give it an edgy club feel. The results are unexpected in that their, well, not terrible; and some are even good. The sheer talent that Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo & Gabriela add with their flamenco inspired riffs is what really seals the deal. They aren't all winners but take the time to take a listen and this ecclectic album just might yeild the musical treasure you seek; oh puns, who could resist?