Three Stories

Eldar Djangirov
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Masterworks Jazz
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Eldar Djangirov is a little known but supremely talented 24 year old Kyrgyzstani jazz pianist. Ok,maybe not little known since he had a contract with Sony before he was 18, coupled with the fact that he is incredibly prolific; this is his 13th album! But I digress. While Eldar is perhaps best recognized for his seamless meshing of classical music and jazz, such as his 2009 album Virtue showed, for Three Stories (his first solo piano album mind you) Eldar has decided to take on a different approach; although peculiarly enough these songs were recorded in sessions from back in 2009. While the title has multiple connotations I will start with the most literal. Three types of songs are played on this album: standards (see: “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin), classical (see: Air on a G. String by J.S. Bach), and original compositions. Then three stories also happens to be a term used for a three-piece musical movement – which by extension has three distinct narratives. While all this is neat to ponder on and theorize about, the gist is that this is a really good album for one reason only: the musician is playing from his heart. Throughout the album Eldar sounds relaxed and well in his element despite a variety of different influences (see: So Damn Lucky by Dave Matthews Band); and such as that is it just sounds like he is having fun (see: “In Walked Bud” by Thelonious Monk). So pick a song, any song that jumps out and you and play this because you won't regret it.


Sounds Like: 
Vijay Iyer, Cecil Taylor, Bill Charlap
Recommended Tracks: 
Prelude in C# Major (Track 2)**** – soooo faaaaast and neo-classical (J.S. Bach)
Impromptu (Track 12)**** – powerful, moving and includes all “3 stories” (original); 5m46s
Donna Lee (Track 14)**** – dude, you knew this was going to be my jazz pick (seriously?)
Jonathan Cohen
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