Imperferct Harmonies

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I'm a huge fan of Serj and loved Elect the Dead for its return to interesting harmonies and ploitical statments and awesome songs, but this album has left me sad. There are a couple good songs I would recomend but the experimentation of this album doesn't always work. It must be said that the orcistration of this album is amazing, which should be expected because Serj spent time working with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra for elect the dead but all over the album kinda sounds like a movie soundtack dragged through a disco. If you love Serj like I do, rip this album and enjoy it, but just don't expect to enjoy it as much as his pervious music

Sounds Like: 
System Of A Down
Sounds Like: 
Requium For a Deam
Recommended Tracks: 
1 Disowned Inc. The closest to hard rock on the album with a great intro
2. Borders Are... AMAZING orchestration
Max Roth
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