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Mon, 03/13/2017

Today is the day we can finally go pick up our wristbands! I wanted to get there early because I was worried we would have to wait in line, but the people at SXSW are so organized that it was such an easy process and I didn’t even have to wait. When you pick up your wristband, they give you a pamphlet that lets you know all of the venues you can get into and what shows are being played throughout the whole week, and it was a great resource to have on me.

Amanda Chesin

Froth @ Congress

I talked to Joo-Joo Ashworth and Jeremy Katz of LA-based noise-pop group, Froth. Their newest release, Outside (Briefly), has been crushing the college radio charts this semester, so it was very exciting to get to chat to them about serious subjects, such as their recording process and newly found relationship with Wichita (as well as some slightly sillier ones- namely bouncy balls and broth).

A R I Z O N A Interview - 4/25/2017

DJ Kira Kat got to chat on the phone with A R I Z O N A -- the band, not the state.

Naked Giants @ SXSW

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