iMessaging Avi Buffalo

After a series of wildly unsuccessful attempts at meeting up for an in-person interview in Austin at SXSW, Avi Buffalo and I decided to simply chat via iMessage. I discussed a myriad of things with the fascinating Long Beach-based artist, including (but not limited to) Jewish food, Instagram, words, and porta potties.

Interview with Morten Bergeton "Teloch" Iverson of Mayhem and Nidingr

Teloch: Hey what’s up fuckers.

SHAED Interview @ SXSW

Our own DJ Amanda sat down with SHAED at the 2017 SXSW Music Festival to chat about music production, their debut EP "Just Wanna See", and what's to come! Listen below and follow the band @shaedband on social media!

McDowell Mountain Music Festival

The Shins
DJ Mustard
Gov't Mule
Concert Date: 
Fri, 03/03/2017
Hance Park, Downtown Phoenix, AZ

McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2017 was 100% a hit. This vibrant festival has been popping since 2004 with big names like The Flaming Lips, Porter Robinson, The Avett Brothers, and more. This local grassroots festival is one of Arizona's modern gems. Because of how well organized the event is and the popularity of the headliners, this festival brings out festival-goers of all ages. Additionally, the dedicated local artist stage and time slots really accentuate its unique Arizona flavor. M3F is a continuing hit and I am excited to see it continue to grow. 

Nick Ziolkowski

Creepin' On Fat Tony

Getting geared up to see him in Austin, I reached out to Houston-based MC Fat Tony for a lil pre-SXSW interview. In the email exchange, we chatted about a shit ton of stuff, from my fav cartoon, to his fav music, to who he's been texting, and muuuch more. Reading his responses only confirmed my suspicions that he is in fact one of the coolest humans on our pale blue dot (he <3's BKNY + has a Bikini Kill tattoo, c'mon).