KAMP Student Radio is a completely free-format college radio station entirely operated by students of the University Of Arizona. The only eligibility requirement for joining is that you are a student of the UA. No prior broadcast, journalism, or communications experience is necessary!

Come to our weekly meetings, held every Wednesday at 5PM in McClelland Park room 105 (across from the street from the Park Student Union, on the corner of Park Ave and 4th St). KAMP is located in Park Student Union next to BagelTalk. The doors are open 8AM - 5PM Monday through Friday.

To get started:

1. Fill out new member form!

2. Watch the DJ training videos!

3. Email Robby at gm@kamp.arizona.edu to schedule a time to take your test on the DJ videos!

4. Take your DJ Training test. If you pass, you can begin your training! If not, you may begin your training, but you will have to pass the test at the end of the two week training process.

5. Fill out the programming sheet! The programming director will then schedule your weekly show.

6. Make a radioactivity account!

7. Pay the $20 participation fee to the front desk! Congrats, you are now a KAMP DJ!

If you have any questions along the way, stop into the KAMP offices or email Alli at pd@kamp.arizona.edu. Have fun!


Our Membership Policy:

At KAMP Student Radio, we pride ourselves on being a medium of expression that is inclusive to all people; we are a place for people to feel comfortable, accepted, and respected. I understand that no KAMP Student Radio member has any guarantee of a position or a job, and any member who displays behavior that is deemed offensive, inappropriate, or harassing may have their membership revoked at any time.