Topics covered include - abandon mansions and military basses, longevity in the modeling industry, the story behind La-La's mohawk, androgyny, the film Party Monster, super intelligent computers and how to solve the issue of world peace.

Interview recorded Friday February 7, 2014 via Skype.

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Model Mayhem


DJ Red Viking of The Wasp Factory Interviews Hip Hop Producer - Reckonize Real

Interview recorded Sunday February 2, 2014 via phone.

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Reckonize Real feat. Reks, Mayhem & ToneDeff CuTz "Beyond Recognition" (Official Video)

A Challenger Appears

Robo DJ grew up in a simple time and has protected KAMP from the dreaded threat of dead air for years. It has been doing a good job but the inhabitants of KAMP have not always enjoyed its obsession with metal and Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, KAMP let Robo DJ stay as sheriff of the station as they had no better option.

Max Rodriguez

Congrats to our KAMPer of the Week: Max Rodriguez! Max is extremely passionate about KAMP and is a vital part of our news team. He has been active in posting stories and pitching story ideas to the team. Thanks for all your help Max!



General Manager,

Shannon Kurlander

Interview with acoustic guitarist and vocalist Ricky Young of The Wild Feathers

Interview recorded Thursday February 20, 2014 via phone.

Due to the length of the interview it has to be hosted on PodOmatic (link listed below)

Catch The Wild Feathers in Tucson, AZ March 07, 2014 at Club Congress.

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Seahaven & Drug Church at Nile Theater, Mesa

Drug Church
Concert Date: 
Sat, 02/15/2014
Nile Theater, Mesa

I trekked all the way up to Mesa by myself for this show, and it was most definitely worth it. Drug Church and Seahaven are currently touring with Mewithoutyou and Touché Amoré, the actual headliners of this show, which I did not actually end up staying to see. Drug Church and Seahaven could have - and pretty much did - fill up Nile Theater themselves, which is pretty damn impressive for the first two bands out of four. Mesa punks turned up, I must say.

Melanie Trecha

DJ Red Viking of The Wasp Factory Interviews Model - Chantelle Marie

DJ Red Viking: Where are you living, where are you originally from?

Chantelle: I’m originally from Calgary, born and raised.

DJ Red Viking: Did you always want to pursue a career in modeling and how did you get started in the industry?

DJ Red Viking of The Archers Interviews award-winning Author - S.J. Rozan

DJ Red Viking and author S.J. Rozan cover the future evolution of her most famous character Lydia Chin, Mongolia, Werewolves, the value of genre literature, how to properly tackle race and social issues in fiction and Elmore Leonard.

Interview recorded Friday January 24, 2014 via Skype.

Due to the length of the interview it has to be hosted on PodOmatic (link listed below)

SJ Rozan on


The Death and the Eulogy of My Chemical Romance

For 12 years 'My Chemical Romance' was a fixture in the pop-punk music scene. 

The Jersey City product was wildly successful by almost any measure. They amassed over 11 million followers on Facebook which is indicative of their widespread popularity. Both their second and third albums, 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,' and 'The Black Parade' earned the Platinum designation in the United States for selling over 1 million records. 

Interview with BoomBox at the 8th Annual Gem and Jam Festival

Last week marked the 8th annual Tucson Gem and Jam Festival. The event brought together a strong community based around live visual art, performance art, and, of course, music from world renown DJs in the psychedelic/electronic scene.  I had the chance to sit down with funk-masters and headliners, BoomBox, before their set on the main stage of the festival. We discussed their brand new album, setting up for live shows, and what fans can look forward to for the rest of the year.