Consumer Electronics Show - Day 1

Nick Offerman
Concert Date: 
Thu, 01/05/2017
Tech West

My journey at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show began in a little suite at the Venetian surrounded by light bulb technology.

Hannah Isaac


Alison Wonderland
Valentino Khan
Louis The Child
Louis Futon
Dark Mark
Concert Date: 
Sat, 11/19/2016
Rawhide (Phoenix)

Your friendly neighborhood banger advisor Tatum here--I had the privilege to attend GLOBAL DANCE FESTIVAL, a one-day festival that lies in the trend of increasingly lit shows put on by Relentless Beats, with one of KAMP's favorite EDM-loving DJ's, Kira. You might've heard me say that October's BOO! AZ was the best event I've attended all year, but Global easily topped that.

Tatum Schranz & Kira Baum

The best albums, mixtapes, and EPs released in 2016--curated by KAMP DJ's...

Did your favorites end up on our lists?

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Clay Dudash Interview

We sat down with Tucson local musician Clay Dudash to talk about his upcoming projects and Tucson's Home Grown Event on December 10, 2016 at The Whistle Stop Depot. Find more information about the event here and keep updated with Clay's music here!

Click the link below to listen to the interview!

RIVVRS Interview

KAMP Student Radio's own Taylor Brestel got the opportunity to chat with Brandon from RIVVRS! They talked about his latest album "Unfamiliar Skin" and his recent tour across the country, as well as plans for an upcoming tour and album in the next year or so. Check it out on SoundCloud:

together PANGEA Interview

Alternative Music Directors Emily and Colin caught up with together PANGEA’s William and Danny before their gig at 191 Toole. Read on to learn which band member kissed a homeless girl, what not to get tattooed on your ass cheek, what you can expect together PANGEA to order at Taco Bell, and much, much more.

Emily Beiser: Since it’s almost Thanksgiving, why don’t we start by you telling us one thing you’re grateful for?

Danny Bengston: I’m grateful for our tour manager, David. He’s a good man.

KAMP Interviews Rebellion Pro Wrestling!

Interviewers Nick Kivi and Shaun Oyakawa Talk to Rebellion Pro Wrestling's Roman Alexander and Lewis Feinman about starting a new Tucson Wrestling scene, their upcoming show on Dec 10th at Midtown Bar and Grill, the state of independent wrestling, tales from the road, getting COLOR and more!

Click below to check it out!

KAMP interviews Milo CrossFit owners Alan and Kare Williams

KAMP student radio DJ's Shaun Oyakawa and Sean Li Wong interview Milo CrossFit owners Alan and Kare Williams. They answer our questions of what is CrossFit, how to encourage good workout behavior, dispel the rumors of the "CrossFit Cult" and much more!

Click the link below to check it out!

In Between Naps With Nobunny

On a warm November day I rode my bike through down town Tucson; past children dressed as ghouls, men and women with signs of loved ones lost, and many people confusingly dressed a la steampunk. 

Once I pulled up in front of Batch, explained to Justin Champlin, aka Nobunny, that I wasn’t just an overly friendly stranger, and my friend, muse and fellow KAMP DJ Emily arrived, we all sat down to discuss romance, the desert, and punk rock.


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