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Suzanne Thompson Eanes, an alumna of the University of Arizona Department of Russian and Slavic Studies, worked for many years in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia as an embassy attache, disarmament contractor, and journalist. She is excited to share her passion for all things Russian with the next generation of Russophiles.

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DJ Red Viking of The Wasp Factory interviews Model - Maria Sanchez

Where are you living, where are you originally from and where do you want to end up?

I live in Berlin-city, Germany. My dad is from Mexico and my mom is half-Czeska. But I grew up in Berlin. I would love to go to California, U.S.A.

How long have you been modeling for?

About two years, not very long.

Mossferatu- Hell (LIVE on The Lost Gold with Sheriff Jackson)

Video footage of Mossferatu performing "Hell" on The Lost Gold with Sheriff Jackson earlier this summer. Enjoy!

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Listen to Sheriff Jackson (The Lost Gold) and DJ Red Viking (The Wasp Factory) interview the Liquid Sound Disciples (Hip Hop):

And watch their in-studio performance here:

Levi Benton of Miss May I

I recently caught up with Levi Benton, Lead Singer of Miss May I, before he embarked on the nationwide Mayhem Festival. We talked about Miss May I's new record, Rise of the Lion, the interesting story behind the cover, his clothing line Vursa Limited, working with the Legendary Terry Date, and his favorite show ever. 


Rx Bandits and Dear Hunter Co-Headling Tour

Rx Bandits
Dear Hunter
From Indian Lakes
Concert Date: 
Wed, 08/13/2014
Crescent Ballroom

This past Wednesday, the generally lifeless area that is downtown Phoenix was buzzing with excitement as a line of people were waiting to get into the sold out Rx Bandits/Dear Hunter show at Crescent Ballroom. I have been to sold out shows at Crescent Ballroom before, but I had never seen urgency in the crowd to get into the venue. People were standing on the bar patio holding up signs saying "I NEED A TICKET" and hoping that they too could experience the glory that was this co-headlining tour.

Parisa Eshrati

Aarom Beam of Red Fang

I caught up with Aaron Beam, lead singer and bassist of Red Fang, a heavy metal band out of Portland, Oregon at Club Congress before their show. We talked about shaving his long mane off, he corrected my pronunciation of Posehn, how instrumental YouTube has been to the bands success, working with Fred Armisten, and touring in the United States vs touring in Europe. 

Check out the review of their concert here:

Liquid Sound Disciples

Liquid Sound Disciples perform Pistols in Paradise live on The Lost Gold with Sheriff Jackson


DJ Soulman
Concert Date: 
Sat, 08/02/2014
The RIalto

For the longest time I greatly underestimated the popularity of this novelty reggae band that only a handful of my friends and myself knew about called 311. Little did I know that there is an entire age bracket about 5-15 years older than me that came out in droves to worship them at The Rialto Theater, their temple for the night.

Karen Komine