Froth @ Congress

I talked to Joo-Joo Ashworth and Jeremy Katz of LA-based noise-pop group, Froth. Their newest release, Outside (Briefly), has been crushing the college radio charts this semester, so it was very exciting to get to chat to them about serious subjects, such as their recording process and newly found relationship with Wichita (as well as some slightly sillier ones- namely bouncy balls and broth).

A R I Z O N A Interview - 4/25/2017

DJ Kira Kat got to chat on the phone with A R I Z O N A -- the band, not the state.

Naked Giants @ SXSW

I got to catch up with Seattle-based rockers Naked Giants outside a slew of food trucks in downtown Austin during SXSW last month. I had just seen their set at The Blackheart, and the young trio definitely did not fail to bring their quintessential energy to the fest. We chatted about a plethora of stuff over lunch-- including Will Toledo, excluding the world-renowned Econo Lodge.

Emily Beiser: Hi Naked Giants! What are each of you most excited for this week?

Henry LaVallee: The food.

Gianni Aiello: The views.

Grant Mullen: The food.

The Maine Interview

The day of The Maine's show in Tucson, I met up with Tim, the band's manager who led me onto their tour bus where I met with vocalist, John O' Callaghan and bassist, Garrett Nickelsen. They took the time to answer my questions regarding their current tour, The Lovely Little Lonely World Tour, their newest album, Lovely Little Lonely, and their strangest fan experience.


Phoenix Lights 2017

Above & Beyond
Zeds Dead
21 Savage
Vince Staples
Keys N Krates
Concert Date: 
Sat, 04/08/2017
Rawhide Western Town and Event Center

Phoenix Lights was quite the event. All of the sets were marvelous, and the production value was so good it was almost gratuitous. Even with the last minute venue change, everything flowed very smoothly. It’s a testament to Relentless Beats’s commitment to Arizona EDM that they were able to make the festival go so well after a monkey-wrench like the venue change. The sets were staggered so that my friends and I were able to see a diverse mix of music, and this definitely came off as a marquee event.

Will Fotter

The Lovely Little Lonely World Tour

Beach Weather
The Mowgli's
The Maine
Concert Date: 
Tue, 04/11/2017
191 Toole

The show began with a band called, Beach Weather and they played upbeat and fast songs. They played about five songs and they were all well received by the crowd and it even seemed that quite a few people knew the lyrics to the songs. Beach Weather got the crowd moving and had very likeable personalities. They continued to excite the crowd by mentioning that they had recorded their first EP in a friend's backyard in Phoenix and that their drummer was from Chandler.

Danielle Perry


DO NOT MISS this heavy hitting lineup coming to Rawhide on May 6th!

Grab tickets on the Relentless Beats website!

The Parrots @ SXSW

My good pals Catalina + Andres stalked me over to the Convention Center in Austin, where we talked to The Parrots (a trio of charming garage rockers from Madrid) preceding their set at Spider House. We learned that they have lots of respect for Pringles and are exploring the depths of the film industry (maybe), amongst other things. We also learned that dancing to their music at live shows is a very, very fun experience, even if none of us went home with missing teeth this time around.


I caught up with NE-HI at The Blackheart, shortly before their set at the CLIF Bar Bash. The Chicago-based quartet falls somewhere in the intersection of post-punk and psychedelic garage rock, and certainly lived up to their reputable energy on stage. We got to chat about a myriad of absolutely pressing topics, from which neighborhood band they're going to beat up, to Hot Tub Time Machine origin stories.

Emily Beiser: Hey guys! Should we start by everyone introducing themselves and telling me what you’re most excited for at South By?

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