Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Kelly Clarkson Meaning of Life Atlantic Records Alt catchy, Pop Will Fotter view 11/20/2017
Graham the Empire Rise Self Released Alt '..., electro... Hibah Ilyas view 11/20/2017
The Sherlocks Live for the Moment None Alt alt-pop, british..., indieish Will Fotter view 11/20/2017
Sufjan Stevens The Greatest Gift Asthmatic Kitty Alt ..., Folk, Remixes Hannah Isaac view 11/20/2017
John Maus Screen Memories Ribbon Music Alt 80s synth... Maximilian Serventi view 11/17/2017
Julian Baker Turn Out The Lights Matador Alt Good..., ... Nick Kivi view 11/16/2017
Dawn People The Star Is Your Future DFA Alt ..., Genre-... Jon S. Rice view 11/16/2017
Flat Worms Flat Worms Text Me Records Alt Alt rock, Indie Rock Taylor Brestel view 11/16/2017
The She's All Female Rock and Roll... Empty Cellar... Alt 60s Pop..., Gagarge... Jon S. Rice view 11/16/2017
PVRIS All We Know of Heaven,... Rise Alt ..., Electropop, Pop rock Roy Santa Cruz view 11/15/2017
Sam Smith The Thrill of it All Universal Music... Alt Gospel-..., Pop, Top 40s Hannah Isaac view 11/15/2017
Peter Oren Antropocene Western Vinyl Alt Folk, singer/... Alexis Walker view 11/15/2017
The Pack A.D. Dollhouse Cadence Music Alt Garage..., psychpop Alli Gilbreath view 11/14/2017
Spinning Coin Permo Geographic Music Alt dreamy..., pastoral... Grace Penry view 11/14/2017
King Khan Murderburgers Khaniballism Alt garage, Gutbucket..., psych, That Good... Nick Kivi view 11/08/2017
Shijo X Odd Times Planetary Group Alt Acid Jazz, Trip-pop Amit Sen view 11/08/2017
Sadgirl Volume Three Point Five Hard Feelings... Alt Beach Rock, surf punk Javi Perez view 11/08/2017
Strange Ranger Daymoon Tiny Engines Alt Indie Rock Javi Perez view 11/08/2017
Wolf Parade Cry Cry Cry Sub Pop Records Alt Indie Rock, post-punk... Jon S. Rice view 11/08/2017
DJ Phonon Lost Axiom Records Alt ... Joann Kohng view 11/07/2017
Black River Revenue Just Can't Win Black River... Alt Folktale... Joann Kohng view 11/07/2017
Phono Pony Death by Blowfish Phono Pony Alt Alt Indie... Arielle Devorah view 11/07/2017
Slaughter Beach, Dog Birdie Lame-O Records Alt undefined Arielle Devorah view 10/31/2017
Reptaliens FM-2030 Captured Tracks Alt dreamy, Lo-Fi, ... Caitlin Fung view 11/06/2017
Pandas & People Out to Sea Pandas &... Alt Folk, Indie, Rock Caitlin Fung view 11/06/2017
Holy Moly & The... Salem Pink Lane Records Alt Folk, Gypsy, Rock Caitlin Fung view 11/06/2017
Cults Offering Sinderlyn Alt Synthpop Miles Schuk Ehler view 11/05/2017
Nick Heyward Woodland Echoes Gladsome Hawk Alt ..., And Indie., Pop, Rock Miles Schuk Ehler view 11/05/2017
Blank Range Marooned With The... Self-Release Alt Indie-rock Jon S. Rice view 11/03/2017
Voodoo x Vol. 1, THE AWAKENING Hot Boy Music Alt '..., garage... Matthew Owen view 11/02/2017
From Backwards Trump In The Trunk Ole Money Records Alt political..., Rap mock... Ellery Page view 11/01/2017
King Krule The OOZ True Panther... Alt diaristic..., ..., neo soul, ..., trashy... Ellery Page view 11/01/2017
Pageant Dove Pageant Dove Engineered,... Alt Indie Pop... Miles Schuk Ehler view 11/01/2017
Torres Three Futures 4AD Alt Folk Rock Jude Fomeche view 11/01/2017
Blue Sails Blue Sails Self-Released Alt Dream Pop, Indie Rock, ... Alli Gilbreath view 11/01/2017
Delicate Steve Cowboy Stories Anti Records Alt ... Katiana Coste view 11/01/2017
Dent May Across The Multiverse Carpark Records Alt dreamy... Katiana Coste view 11/01/2017
Chad VanGaalen Light Information Sub Pop Alt Indie Rock, Singer/... Alex Siegel view 10/31/2017
Omni Multi-Task Trouble in Mind Alt Angle Pop, Indie Pop, jangle pop, New Wave Alex Siegel view 10/31/2017
The Zombies Odessey & Oracle Varese Sarabande... Alt Baroque..., Pop rock, ... Katie Fapp view 10/30/2017
Mister Heavenly Boxing the Moonlight Polyvinyl Alt Alt Indie... Samuel Francis view 10/27/2017
The Front Bottoms Going Grey Fueled By Ramen Alt Pop Punk Taylor Brestel view 10/26/2017
Dan Miraldi Love Under Fire Self-released Alt Indie Rock Taylor Brestel view 10/26/2017
Makthaverskan III Run For Cover Alt Dream Pop, Punk Javi Perez view 10/25/2017
St. Vincent MASSEDUCTION Loma Vista... Alt Alt-Metal..., ..., Industrial, r&b... Matthew Owen view 10/25/2017
W.P.C. Ogilala Martha's... Alt Indie, Pop/Rock Jon S. Rice view 10/25/2017
Beck Colors Capitol Records Alt Indie Rock Alexis Walker view 10/24/2017
Bully Losing Sub Pop Records Alt Grunge, Indie-rock, Punk Jon S. Rice view 10/24/2017
Half Shy Bedroom Visionaries Self Released Alt Indie Pop Hibah Ilyas view 10/24/2017
Courtney Barnett &... Lotta Sea Lice Matador Alt Indie Rock, jangle pop Katie Fapp view 10/23/2017