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The first general meeting is Wednesday, September 2 at 5pm in Saguaro Hall, Room 101.

Shows start on Monday, August 31.

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First in-person meeting is Wednesday, the 21st of January. 5pm in Saguaro Hall room 101.

Shows start Wednesday, the 21st of January.

by Michael Lemons, Engineering Director

10. We have this cute puppy that appears to be on his first walk through the forest!

by André Pettman, Hip Hop MD

1. LP1 - FKA twigs

by Parisa Eshrati, Alt MD

10. This is Cave Music – Moon Hooch

This album charted in our Top 10 at KAMP for a solid 8 weeks, and there’s a good reason for that. I was going to write a nice little review for this but someone posted this in a YouTube comment and I feel like it perfectly sums this group up:  “It’s like Mr.Bungle met Medeski Martin and Wood and kicked everyone out of the band but the sax players and gave the drummers tons of acid.”

9. Dose – Sorceress

by Jakub Safar, Alt MD

From top to bottom and left to right:

Aphex Twin - SYRO
Fatima al-Qadiri - Asiatisch
Shinichi Atobe - Butterfly Effect
Andy Stott - Faith in Strangers

by Daniel Witter, Head Music Director AND World/Jazz Director

10. Develop a bad habit – it can be life-changing or a mild nuisance, but get one!

9. Pick a café and attend it regularly – smoking optional, coffee mandatory.  Black, of course;
cream and sugar are for the unjazzy, which you are clearly not.

8. Keep a notebook on you at all times for jotting down jazzy thoughts – a pretentious-looking