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KAMP wouldn't be what it is without the DJs that put their hearts and souls into making the radio station a vibrant, warm place where students can feel comfortable expressing themselves. DJs are the lifeblood of KAMP and their passion for music is unmatched; to celebrate this, a few of our DJs look back at 2015 and share their favorite songs and albums. Enjoy!!!
Emily Beiser's Top 16 Albums & Songs (in no particular order)
The beauty of music is that no one person experiences it the same as someone else, making every listen new and exciting. As people whose lives revolve around consuming and interacting with music, each staff member at KAMP has a different perspective of the music and moments of 2015. This uniqueness is reflected in the variety of lists below, we hope you enjoy!
Alt Music Director Molly's Top 15 (in no particular order)