Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Young Thug I Swear To God [Single] N/A Hip-Hop Southern... Ali Shareef view 03/04/2015
Fluoride Material Bayonet Alt art-punk, ..., ..., noise-rock, shoegazey MTucker view 03/04/2015
Neu Human How to Stop Time Self-released Alt ... Kalli Wolf view 03/04/2015
Jason Sees Band A Single Frame Passing... Jason Sees Alt sad, yet... Kalli Wolf view 03/04/2015
Dengue Fever The Deepest Lake TUK TUK Records World-Jazz Cambodian... Kalli Wolf view 03/04/2015
The American Spirit Season of Violence or... Self-Released Alt folkish, Indie Jacob Smith view 03/04/2015
In-Flight Safety Conversationalist Oh La La Alt Alt rock Samantha Fung view 03/03/2015
Decker. Patsy Self-Released Alt Folk Samantha Fung view 03/03/2015
Hibris Demo 2014 Self-Released Alt ..., Rock Taylor Brestel view 03/03/2015
Shiffley Atomic Robot Man Self-Released Alt Alt rock, Rock, upbeat Taylor Brestel view 03/03/2015
Morgoth Ungod Century Media... Metal death..., ... Andrew Trujillo view 03/03/2015
Leah Capelle Leah Capelle Little Cabin... Alt Chick Rock, Indie Rock, rock pop Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 03/03/2015
Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet Intents And Purpose independent World-Jazz coffee..., free jazz Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 03/03/2015
Hundred Waters The Moon Rang Like a... independent RPM broody, grunge... Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 03/03/2015
A.G. Cook "Drop FM" independent RPM DubHouse Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 03/03/2015
Hot Sugar God's Hand Break World... RPM Chill, ... Eric Newberry view 03/02/2015
Tritonal Ginsu Mainstage Music RPM ... Eric Newberry view 03/02/2015
cellar and point ambit Cuneiform World-Jazz combo..., ..., melodic Daniel Witter view 03/02/2015
The Inspector Cluzo Gasconha Rocks Sucidal Records RPM 80s Hair..., Rock, RPM Alexis Walker view 03/02/2015
Gristnam Even Less Housecore Records Metal death... Felipe Moreno view 03/02/2015
Stage Hands Stage Hands My Idea of Fun RPM IDM, jazzy Jake Calegari view 03/02/2015
Wiley Snakes & Ladders Big Dada Hip-Hop British... Jesse Macbeth view 03/02/2015
Seven Year Storm Aion I Self-Released Metal ..., Metal, ... Alexis Walker view 03/02/2015
The Outer Vibe Pass it On The Outer Vibe (... Alt 1960s Rock, alt-pop..., ... Zazil Davis-Vazquez view 03/01/2015
RONiiA RONiiA Totally Gross... Alt Synth Pop Zazil Davis-Vazquez view 03/01/2015
Keath Mead Sunday Dinner Company Records Alt yearbook-... adam iddings view 03/01/2015
José González Vestiges & Claws Mute Records Alt soft... Tatum Schranz view 03/01/2015
Chandos Rats In Your Bed Carpark Records Alt DIY Punk, Garage... Katie Fapp view 03/01/2015
Colleen Green I Want To Grow Up Hardly Art Alt Bubblegum..., Indie Rock, lo-fi-ish Katie Fapp view 03/01/2015
Simian Ghost The Veil Playground Music Alt dreamy, shoegaze-y Krissy Baca view 02/27/2015
DJ Carnage Single self-released Hip-Hop party rap Krissy Baca view 02/27/2015
Ensiferum One Man Army Metal Blade... Metal Folk Metal, Viking... Andrew Trujillo view 02/27/2015
Karma Sown Iris Divine Sensory Records Metal ... Felipe Moreno view 02/26/2015
The Districts A Flourish And A Spoil Fat Possum... Alt College..., Indie Rock Tatum Schranz view 02/25/2015
Highland Brothers Band A Peasant's Creed Highland... Alt alt folk, Alt-... Alexis Walker view 02/25/2015
Leo Delgado You're Suspect System Recordings RPM Deep House, Minimal... Eric Newberry view 02/25/2015
Drake If You're Reading... Cash Money... Hip-Hop 6side, East..., Houston..., Toronto... Jake Ramirez view 02/25/2015
Uhrijuhla Jokainen on vapaa lintu Svart Records Alt Finnish..., ..., ... Ali Shareef view 02/25/2015
James Fauntleroy I Never Know What She... Roc Nation Hip-Hop R&B Jesse Macbeth view 02/25/2015
Wu-Tang Clan A Better Tomorrow Warner Bros.... Hip-Hop Authentic... Jesse Macbeth view 02/25/2015
J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive Roc Nation Hip-Hop Authentic... Jesse Macbeth view 02/25/2015
Zion I The Sun Moon and Stars... Mind Over Matter Hip-Hop Drum N..., reggae..., trance-... Mark Flores view 02/25/2015
Lil Wayne Sorry for the Wait 2 Self-Released Hip-Hop freestyle... Mark Flores view 02/25/2015
Kendrick Lamar The Blacker the Berry (... TDE Hip-Hop African..., Dark hip-..., Poetic... Kevin Murphy view 02/25/2015
Faded Red Love and Liars Self Produced Alt Alt Pop-..., Alt punk Alexis Walker view 02/25/2015
Twin River Should the Light Go Out Light Organ... Alt Pop, Surf Rock Eric Heirshberg view 02/24/2015
Made Violent Made Violent EP Startime... Alt Rock Brianna Bartos view 02/24/2015
Eternal Death Eternal Death Labrador Records Alt Pop, Synthpop, Techno Eric Heirshberg