Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Mark Egan Direction Home Wavetone Records World-Jazz ..., Smooth... Sky Sobol view 03/08/2015
Kevin Eubanks and Stanley... Duets Mack Avenue World-Jazz Cool Jazz, Jazz..., Modal Jazz Sky Sobol view 03/08/2015
Joe Hertler & The... Terra Incognita Bad Mascot/... Alt alt popish, Alt rock Jacob Smith view 03/08/2015
The Demigs Welcome to Hard Times-... I Love Math Alt Indie, Indie Pop, Indie Rock Katie Fapp view 03/08/2015
Sandra Kolstad Zero Gravity State of... Red Eye Transit RPM ... Eric Newberry view 03/08/2015
Rebel Tumbao Rebel Tumbao Rubb Dubb Music... World-Jazz Reggae, Tumbao Taylor Ducklow view 03/08/2015
Lago Tyranny Self-released Metal Black..., death..., Metal Alexis Walker view 03/08/2015
Cancer Bats Searching For Zero Metal Blade Metal core-metal, Metal, Punk Alexis Walker view 03/08/2015
Devathorn Vritra World Terror... Metal Black... Andrew Trujillo view 03/08/2015
Psycroptic Psycroptic Prosthetic... Metal Death-..., Techno-... Alexis Walker view 03/08/2015
Keep of Kalessin Epistemology Indie Recordings Metal Blackened... Andrew Trujillo view 03/08/2015
Romare Projections Ninja Tune RPM Dance, electronic, House, Jazz Eric Heirshberg view 03/08/2015
Action Bronson (ft.Chance... Baby Blue (Single) Vice/Atlantic... Hip-Hop East..., Hard Core... Daniel Clark view 03/07/2015
Gustavo Cortinas Snapshot Ta' Babuino... World-Jazz cafe jazz, ... Brianna Bartos view 03/07/2015
Go Betty Go Reboot Go Betty Go Alt Garage..., Grunge Brianna Bartos view 03/07/2015
Choir Vandals Collection 6131 Alt Emo-ish, Punk Katie Fapp view 03/07/2015
Forest Fallows At Home Piaptk Alt Acoustic, Happy, lazy..., soft rock Lili Steffen view 03/06/2015
Clarence Clarity No Now Bella Union RPM Dream Pop, Glitch, Hip-Hop, hyper Lili Steffen view 03/06/2015
Clarence Clarity No Now Bella Union RPM Dream Pop, Glitch, Hip-Hop, hyper Lili Steffen view 03/06/2015
Milo Green Control Atlantic Alt Indie Rock PWells view 03/06/2015
Dels Petals Have Fallen Big Dada Records Hip-Hop London... PWells view 03/06/2015
Buxton Half A Native New West Records Alt Indie... PWells view 03/06/2015
Inanimate Existence Never Ending Cycle of... Unique Leader... Metal death..., Technical... Andrew Trujillo view 03/06/2015
The Vaughns The Vaughn's EP Self-Released Alt Indie... PWells view 03/06/2015
Morningside Lane A Fifth of Elvis Self-Released Alt Garage..., Punk PWells view 03/06/2015
Purity Ring Another Eternity 4AD RPM Synthpop Eric Newberry view 03/05/2015
Squarepusher Rayc Fire 2 (Single) Warp Records RPM IDM, ... Jake Calegari view 03/05/2015
All That Remains The Order of Things Razor & Tie... Metal Melodic..., Melodic... Andrew Trujillo view 03/05/2015
Falling In Reverse Just Like You Epitaph Records Metal Metalcore, pop-metal Alexis Walker view 03/04/2015
J Dilla The King of Beats Yancey Media... Hip-Hop Chill..., chill hip..., Funk, Neo-Soul MTucker view 03/04/2015
Gang of Four What Happens Next Metropolis... Alt 90s alt, post-punk... MTucker view 03/04/2015
DJ Baby Before The Album n/a Hip-Hop funny, gangster Amelia Marsh view 03/04/2015
DJ Baby Before The Album n/a Hip-Hop funny, gangster Amelia Marsh view 03/04/2015
Young Thug I Swear To God [Single] N/A Hip-Hop Southern... Ali Shareef view 03/04/2015
Fluoride Material Bayonet Alt art-punk, ..., ..., noise-rock, shoegazey MTucker view 03/04/2015
Neu Human How to Stop Time Self-released Alt ... Kalli Wolf view 03/04/2015
Jason Sees Band A Single Frame Passing... Jason Sees Alt sad, yet... Kalli Wolf view 03/04/2015
Dengue Fever The Deepest Lake TUK TUK Records World-Jazz Cambodian... Kalli Wolf view 03/04/2015
The American Spirit Season of Violence or... Self-Released Alt folkish, Indie Jacob Smith view 03/04/2015
In-Flight Safety Conversationalist Oh La La Alt Alt rock Samantha Fung view 03/03/2015
Decker. Patsy Self-Released Alt Folk Samantha Fung view 03/03/2015
Hibris Demo 2014 Self-Released Alt ..., Rock Taylor Brestel view 03/03/2015
Shiffley Atomic Robot Man Self-Released Alt Alt rock, Rock, upbeat Taylor Brestel view 03/03/2015
Morgoth Ungod Century Media... Metal death..., ... Andrew Trujillo view 03/03/2015
Leah Capelle Leah Capelle Little Cabin... Alt Chick Rock, Indie Rock, rock pop Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 03/03/2015
Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet Intents And Purpose independent World-Jazz coffee..., free jazz Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 03/03/2015
Hundred Waters The Moon Rang Like a... independent RPM broody, grunge... Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 03/03/2015
A.G. Cook "Drop FM" independent RPM DubHouse Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 03/03/2015
Hot Sugar God's Hand Break World... RPM Chill, ... Eric Newberry view