Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Darq E Freaker Adhd EP Numbers RPM Acid House, Grime Eric Heirshberg view 05/04/2016
Little Green Cars Ephemera Glass Note... Alt Folk Pop, Irish Isabelle Tuli view 05/04/2016
Caliban Gravity Century Media... Metal Metalcore Andrew Trujillo view 05/04/2016
Lacuna Coil Delirium Century Media... Metal Gothic... Colin Bauer view 05/04/2016
Fallujah The Void Alone - Single Nuclear Blast... Metal Deathcore, ... Andrew Trujillo view 05/04/2016
Aesop Rock The Impossible Kid Rhymesayers... Hip-Hop Conscious..., Lyrical... Cullen Walsh view 05/04/2016
Nevermen Nevermen Ipecac Recordings Alt Hip hop Isabelle Tuli view 05/04/2016
Hatebreed A.D. (Single) Nuclear Blast Metal Punk Charlie Franco view 05/04/2016
GHIIA The Sea (EP) Tinderbox Music RPM Ambient Charlie Franco view 05/04/2016
Ferraro Losing Sleep Cadence Music... Alt Chill..., Drums, Fast-paced, Happy Fernando Munoz view 05/04/2016
Gojira Stranded Roadrunner Metal prog-metal Colin Bauer view 05/04/2016
Whitechapel Mark of the Blade Metal Blade... Metal death... Colin Bauer view 05/04/2016
Bür Gür Have You Lost Your Faith... New Los Angeles Alt Dream Pop, Indie, noise pop, odd Alex Wolvos view 05/03/2016
Com Truise Silicone Tare Ghotly... RPM Chill, electronic, synthwave Alex Wolvos view 05/03/2016
The Defeated County Bar Tabs & Baby Names Extension Chord... Alt Alt..., Chill..., slow tempo Fernando Munoz view 05/03/2016
Quiet Life Foggy Straight Light... Alt americana..., Indie, indie folk Isabelle Tuli view 05/03/2016
Death By Unga Bunga Pineapple Pizza Jansen... Alt ..., Indie, ..., Rock isabelle tuli view 05/03/2016
What So Not &. Ganz Lone feat. Joy (Single) OWSLA RPM banger Eric Heirshberg view 05/02/2016
K. Flay FML (Single) [Vanic... Self-Released RPM Dream Pop, electric, Glitch Eric Heirshberg view 05/02/2016
Deep C Revival Go Deep JCF 0305 Alt Chill..., Guitar, Late 90s... Fernando Munoz view 05/02/2016
The Knocks 55 2016 Big Beat... Alt calm, Chill, Karaoke-..., Relaxing Fernando Munoz view 05/02/2016
Failure Hot Traveler Failure Records Alt Calming, Chill..., Chill..., Relaxing Fernando Munoz view 05/02/2016
Illum Sphere Second Sight Ninja Tune RPM House Charlie Franco view 05/02/2016
Ihsahn Arktis. Spinefarm Records Metal ..., Symphonic... Danielle M Perry view 04/30/2016
A$AP Ferg Always Strive and Prosper RCA Records Hip-Hop Trap Lord... Nick Ziolkowski view 04/30/2016
A Day to Remember Paranoia - Single ADTR Records Metal Metalcore, Pop Punk, Post-... Danielle M Perry view 04/30/2016
Attica Riots Attica Riots Five Seven Music Alt Alt Pop, Alt rock Sidney Whitmire view 04/30/2016
Bronwen Rebecca Things That Need Saying Bronwen Rebecca Alt Country Sidney Whitmire view 04/30/2016
Frightened Rabbit Painting of a Panic... Atlantic... Alt Folk, indie folk, relaxing... Sidney Whitmire view 04/30/2016
2Chainz Ft Lil Wayne College Groove YMCMB Hip-Hop ... Mikie Geezy view 04/30/2016
Niykee Harton Ft Miguel Bad Intentions NA Hip-Hop R&B Mikie Geezy view 04/30/2016
Niykee Harton Ft Miguel Bad Intentions NA Hip-Hop R&B Mikie Geezy view 04/30/2016
Beartooth Aggressive - Single Red Bull Labels Metal Hardcore..., Metalcore Danielle M Perry view 04/30/2016
post Malone Go Flex NA Hip-Hop Backpack... Mikie Geezy view 04/30/2016
Classix Whatever I Want NA Hip-Hop Club Music Mikie Geezy view 04/30/2016
Broods Single Capitol Records RPM ... Daniel Clark view 04/30/2016
The Movement Ft Elliot... Golden NA Alt Alt... Mikie Geezy view 04/30/2016
Carol Saboya carolina AMM Music RPM latin... Mikie Geezy view 04/30/2016
Antonio Adalfo Tropcal Ifinito NA RPM latin... Mikie Geezy view 04/30/2016
Beyonce Lemonade NA Hip-Hop Pop Mike Geezy view 04/30/2016
Guilherme Dias Gomes LESTE Delira Music World-Jazz Bossa Nova, Brazil-..., Chill, Lounge, samba..., Smooth Andrea Lipp view 04/28/2016
Morly EP Collection Cascine Alt Sleepy... Tyler Johnson view 04/27/2016
CSLX & Lushlife Ritualize Shine On Hip-Hop Indie Charlie Franco view 04/27/2016
Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road... Sing Me Home Sony Music... World-Jazz ..., soothing Nick Ziolkowski view 04/27/2016
Deakin Sleep Cycle My Animal Home Alt Dub, Folk, ... Andrew Boring view 04/27/2016
Tim Hecker LOVE STREAMS 4AD Ltd. Alt Ambient..., drone, ... Emily Van Horn view 04/27/2016
Greys Outer Heaven Carpark Alt Loud Rock, noise rock Colin Bauer view 04/27/2016
Kid Congo & The Pink... La Araña Es La Vida In The Red Alt fuzzy rock, lo fi surf Kyle Morris view 04/27/2016
The Traditional Fools Fools Gold In The Red Alt Indie Rock, lofi, lofi rock Kyle Morris view 04/27/2016
D.R.A.M. Feat. Lil Yachty Broccoli (Single) #1EpicCheck Hip-Hop Rap Henry Jensen