Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
His Clancyness Isolation Culture Hand Drawn... Alt Funk, Noisepop, ..., Synthpop Zekeriya Efe view 12/14/2016
Nots Cosmetic Goner Alt noise rock, Punk Rock Alex Siegel view 12/14/2016
Forth Wanderers Slop Father/Daughter Alt Indie Pop Alex Siegel view 12/14/2016
Unity Unity Digital Regress Alt ..., riffed..., rifftastic Nick Kivi view 12/06/2016
Gerbils Dead Detroit: Lost 1982... Lysergic Sound... Alt 80's..., Punk Nick Kivi view 12/06/2016
Hiroshima DeFX/ Spank Ugly as Sin Self Released Alt garage..., Garage... Sidney Whitmire view 12/06/2016
Cherry Glazerr Nurse Ratched (Single) Secretly Canadian Alt Indie Rock Sidney Whitmire view 12/05/2016
Max L Beats SHHAKE/FLYAWAY-Single Self-Released RPM Trap, Twerk Trap Nick Sergeant view 12/04/2016
Olive Tiger Until My Body Breaks Telegraph Alt Melody... Nick Ziolkowski view 12/02/2016
Darden Purcell Where the Blue Begins Armored Records World-Jazz Lounge... Nick Ziolkowski view 12/02/2016
Nite Jewel Liquid Cool - Remixed EP Gloriette Records RPM Ambient, electronic Grant L Williams view 12/02/2016
Playboy Manbaby Singles: You Can Be A... Self-Released Alt Funk, garage, Punk, Punk Funk Aerin Mazza view 12/02/2016
Credito Neither Fish nor Fowl Derrick Credito Alt Gruff Rock Nick Ziolkowski view 12/02/2016
Various #SaveFabric Houndstooth RPM Drum N..., electronic Grant L Williams view 12/02/2016
Roy and the Tribe Live Roy and the Tribe Live JVC/Victor World-Jazz Latin Rock Betty Yu view 12/02/2016
Kero Kero Bonito Bonito Generation Double Denim... RPM J-Pop, Pop Andrew Boring view 12/02/2016
Cloacas ...And the Skies Are Not... Self-released Alt ... Betty Yu view 12/02/2016
Makar Funeral Genius Self-Released Alt Folk Betty Yu view 12/02/2016
Husbandry Fera Aqualamb Records Metal ..., Post-..., ... Betty Yu view 12/02/2016
Thanks Light Psychonauts Self-Released Alt Prog, psych Isabelle Tuli view 12/02/2016
Ben Bostick My Country Self-Released Alt Ho Down Isabelle Tuli view 12/02/2016
Gonjasufi Callus Warp Records Alt ..., ... Betty Yu view 12/02/2016
Desilu Claws Self-Released Alt WEIRD Isabelle Tuli view 12/02/2016
Jess Williamson Heart Song Brutal Honest Alt American... Betty Yu view 12/02/2016
Merchandise A Corpse Wired For Sound 4AD Alt ... Mark Jimenez view 12/02/2016
Pusher "Clear" ft.... Black Butter... RPM EDM Maximilian Serventi view 12/02/2016
Ed Neumeister Suite Ellington PAO Records World-Jazz Jazz..., Swing Mark Jimenez view 12/02/2016
Civil War The Last Full Measure Napalm Records Metal Power... Danielle Perry view 12/02/2016
Hammerfall Built to Last Napalm Records Metal Power..., Speed... Danielle Perry view 12/01/2016
Sierra Amore Better Self-Released Hip-Hop Pop Isabelle Tuli view 12/01/2016
Exsage Out of the Blue Self-Released Alt Desert... Isabelle Tuli view 12/01/2016
Ex Reyes Do Something Self-Released Alt psych Isabelle Tuli view 12/01/2016
The Monk Destroys The... Duct Tape Self-Released Alt Rock Isabelle Tuli view 12/01/2016
Cheap Treasure Saturn Soul Self Released RPM 90s synth, afro funk, MOTHER... Sebastian Machado view 12/01/2016
Billie Stevens A Story of a Boy and a... Self-Released Alt Cock Rock Isabelle Tuli view 12/01/2016
MONA In The Middle-EP Bright Antenna... Alt Alt Pop, ... Sebastian Machado view 12/01/2016
CIVILIAN You Wouldn't... Tooth & Nail Alt white... Isabelle Tuli view 12/01/2016
Deap Vally Femijism Nevado Music Inc. Alt Pop rock Sebastian Machado view 12/01/2016
Bill Laurance Live At Union Chapel Ground Up Music World-Jazz ..., jazz piano, Modal Jazz Alli Gilbreath view 12/01/2016
Lil Uzi Vert & Gucci... 1017 vs. The World Generation Now,... Hip-Hop pop hip..., Southern..., Trap Alli Gilbreath view 12/01/2016
pausemc Blue Permanent... Hip-Hop Hip hop, Rap T Statman view 12/01/2016
Bordertown Devils Bordertown Devils Kunaki Alt Hard Rock Jeff Malinoff view 12/01/2016
StarBenders Heavy Petting Institution... Alt Pop Punk, rock pop Betty Yu view 12/01/2016
Plush Please Father Daughter Alt Modern... Jeff Malinoff view 12/01/2016
Ceci Bastida Ft Aloe Black Single: Un Sueno Self Released Hip-Hop Party Jeff Malinoff view 12/01/2016
Mild High Club Skiptracing Stones Throw... Alt 70s Jazz... Daniel Clark view 12/01/2016
Weyes Blood Front Row Seat To Earth Mexican Summer Alt 60s folk, 70s soft..., chamber... Daniel Clark view 12/01/2016