Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Progress Band Shadow In the Shape of Progress Band Alt Rock-Folk... Sivanne Almog view 12/07/2013
Courtney Yasmineh Wake Me Up When It'... Stupid Bitch... Alt ..., Singer/... Sivanne Almog view 12/07/2013
Thao & The Get Down... The Feeling Kind Domino Recording... Alt easy rock, folk rock..., jazz pop, popular... Diana Englert view 12/06/2013
Chelsea Cavanaugh Simply bridge road... Alt alt.... Sheridan Fidelman view 12/06/2013
Funk & Gonzo 801 Love EP N/A (EP) Alt Pop, Pop/Rock, Reggae/Ska Michael Heslinga view 12/05/2013
Throwing Muses Purgatory/Paradise Terrorbird Media Alt College... Matthew Nielsen view 12/04/2013
Cloud Control Dream Cave Votiv Alt Rock Alex Stratton view 12/04/2013
Verskotzi Lemon Heart Princess Records Alt Indie, soft rock Kalli Wolf view 12/04/2013
Yell For Help Love Will Keep Us... Self Released Alt ... Alex Stratton view 12/04/2013
Sunspot Arthurian Metebelis Three... Alt and I..., and..., ..., pop rock..., riding..., Rock, so I..., the album... Kalli Wolf view 12/04/2013
Cockeyed Optimist All That You Were Self Alt feminist..., Grunge Kalli Wolf view 12/04/2013
Ian Mellencamp Visions Rocket Tone... RPM Alt Justin Hacnik view 12/04/2013
Shauna Burns Violet Red Rock Music Alt Jazz, Pop Nick Cotter view 12/04/2013
Eyes on Ivan Way of the Fool Oddball Alt Country/... Nick Cotter view 12/04/2013
The Gories The Shaw Tapes: Live in... Third Man Records Alt Chainsaw..., Dancing..., Primitive Kaivon Haddad view 12/04/2013
Cate Le Bon Mug Museum Turnstile Records Alt ..., Chill, cool, Indie Matthew Nielsen view 12/04/2013
Forest Fire Survival Infinite Best Alt indie folk, Indie Pop, mellow... Diana Englert view 12/04/2013
Luke Carter Stars N/A Alt acoustic..., slightly... Sivanne Almog view 12/03/2013
The Star Darts Shooting Star Darts The Star Darts Alt Pop Punk, Pop rock Caitlin Brenton view 12/03/2013
The Low Frequency in Stereo Pop Obskura Long Branch... Alt Indie Pop Caitlin Brenton view 12/03/2013
Vestibule Requiem Tat Music Group Alt ... Ben Don view 12/03/2013
Knotted Cord Heavy Minerals self-released Alt ..., noise rock, ... Ben Don view 12/03/2013
Har-DI-Har Hard Parent/Thick Child Self-Released Alt Indie-Folk Erinn Fung view 12/02/2013
Shearwater Fellow Travelers Sub Pop Alt 80's... André Pettman view 12/01/2013
Duvia lost in the music A-Team Records Alt 80s pop, Pop Ben Don view 12/01/2013
Ex-Cult s/t Goner Records Alt Garage..., post punk Ben Don view 12/01/2013
Rob Drabkin Little Steps ASCAP World-Jazz Alt, Pop Daniel Bos view 11/29/2013
intimate dreams Wonderful Thing intimate dream Alt British..., Rock Diana Englert view 11/25/2013
White Fence White Fence: Live in San... Castle Face... Alt Garage..., Rock Shannon Kurlander view 11/25/2013
No Joy Pastel and Pass Out Mexican Summer Alt Dream Pop, Female..., Shoegaze Jakub Safar view 11/22/2013
Coyote Union Coyote Union Deadtree Records Alt Country..., Country-... Samantha Fung view 11/21/2013
Strangers Something New Just Off Pop Alt Synth Pop Samantha Fung view 11/21/2013
Seasick Mama Tip Top Shape No Shame Alt Alt Samantha Fung view 11/21/2013
Seasick Mama Tip Top Shape No Shame Alt Alt Samantha Fung view 11/21/2013
Colours Skin and Bones EP Self-Released Alt Ambient, Mellow, Sensitive Max Rodriguez view 11/21/2013
Jealous Creatures Bazooka Self-Released Alt 90s, dark, Grunge, Hard Rock, Somber Max Rodriguez view 11/21/2013
Yo La Tengo Fade Out (Deluxe Edition) Matador Alt Ambient, Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Mellow, Shoegaze Brett Botting view 11/20/2013
15-60-75 (The Numbers Band) Jimmy Bell's Still... Exit Stencil... Alt Bluesy, ..., Jam Band, proto-punk, ... Brett Botting view 11/20/2013
Widowspeak The Swamps Captured Tracks Alt Dream Pop, Female..., Indie Rock Jakub Safar view 11/20/2013
Sat. Nite Duets Electric Manland Independent Alt Indie Rock Jakub Safar view 11/20/2013
Moonface Julia with Blue Jeans On Jagjaguwar Alt classical... André Pettman view 11/20/2013
Summer Camp Summer Camp Moshi Moshi Alt Dance-y, Girlpop, Indie, upbeat alt Max Rodriguez view 11/20/2013
Tennis Small Sound Communion Alt indie-pop, Surf-Rock Jeremy view 11/20/2013
Jimmy Eat World Damage RCA Records Alt 2000s, Heartbreak, Indie, Punk Alt Max Rodriguez view 11/20/2013
FinleyKnight FinleyKnight FinleyKnight Alt dreamy, electronic, ..., Indie Rock Diana Englert view 11/20/2013
Luke Rathborne Soft True Believer Alt garage Michael Cullan view 11/20/2013
The Vim Dicta Von Tango Psychogroove Alt ... Michael Cullan view 11/20/2013
Cosmic Psychos Go the Hack Goner Alt Lemmy... Kaivon Haddad view 11/20/2013
Streets of Laredo Volume I & II Self-Released Alt Folk, Indie, Pop Erinn Fung