Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
POW! Hi-Tech Boom Castleface... Alt garage, Lo-Fi, synth Parisa Eshrati view 01/29/2014
Money For Rope Money For Rope Self-Released Alt Rock Samantha Fung view 01/29/2014
Adventure Galley Anywhere That’s Wild Internet Piracy... Alt Dance, electronic Samantha Fung view 01/29/2014
Pangea Badillac Harvest Alt Garage-..., Indie, Punk Matthew Nielsen view 01/29/2014
Wild Moccasins 88 92 New West Records Alt 80s, dreamy, electronic, Spacey Maximilian Rodriguez view 01/29/2014
Nick Waterhouse Holly Innovative... Alt Blues, Jazz, sixties i..., world? Adam Iddings view 01/27/2014
Sky Ferreira Night Time, My Time: B-... Capitol Records Alt dark pop, goth girl..., Pop Melanie Trecha view 01/26/2014
The Traps Boom Pow Awesome Wow Castleface Alt Fuzz, garage, Noise Parisa Eshrati view 01/25/2014
Thee Oh Sees Singles Collection Vol. 3 Felte Records Alt garage, ... Parisa Eshrati view 01/24/2014
Gem Club In Roses Hardly Art Alt ambient-..., dreamy, Piano, sad Brett Botting view 01/23/2014
Stephen Malkmus & The... Wig Out at Jagbags Matador Alt fuzzy, slanted..., stoned Brett Botting view 01/22/2014
Cheap Time Exit Smiles In the Red Alt Good, Punk Adam Iddings view 01/22/2014
Habibi Habibi Burger Alt Badass, twangy Adam Iddings view 01/22/2014
Mike Roste Selling Illusions Sound Extractor... Alt Bluegrass, Folk Jessie Marman view 12/12/2013
The Manchester Social Club The Manchester Social... Mark Danzeisen Alt Folk Rock Jessie Marman view 12/12/2013
Kraak & Smaak Good For The City Jalapeño Records Alt Electro-... Jessie Marman view 12/12/2013
Organik Time Machine Until the Morning Sun Rabble... Alt ... Nick Cotter view 12/11/2013
Travis Where You Stand Red Telephone Box Alt Alt rock, post Brit... Alex Stratton view 12/11/2013
Jake Bugg Shangri La Island Records Alt 60s Rock, Blues, Folk, Nostalgic Max Rodriguez view 12/11/2013
Eddy Current Suppression... So Many Things Goner Alt Punk, Punk Rock Alex Stratton view 12/11/2013
Sun Bones Sentinel Peak Self-Released Alt local, true... Tatum Schranz view 12/11/2013
Andriana Lehr Try To Be True none Alt folk-rock, Indie Krissy Baca view 12/11/2013
Stevi Madison When none Alt Acoustic... Krissy Baca view 12/11/2013
Five Iron Frenzy Engine Of A Million Plots Five Minute Walk Alt Ska Dalal Kaddoura view 12/10/2013
Elvis Costello and The... Wise Up: Thought Blue Note Records Alt afro-beats, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rap, Remixes Diana Englert view 12/10/2013
Tiger Milk Imports Tiger Milk Imports NONE Alt Indie Rock, junk my... Brett Botting view 12/10/2013
Gap Dream Shine Your Light Burger Records Alt Electro..., power pop, synthy Brett Botting view 12/10/2013
Magik Markers Surrender To The Fantasy Drag City Alt Garage..., no wave, noise rock Jakub Safar view 12/10/2013
Honey & the 45S The Need Honey & the... Alt airy... Caitlin Brenton view 12/09/2013
Winchester Rebels 3 Sheets to the Wind Winchester Rebels Alt Rock Caitlin Brenton view 12/09/2013
FM359 Truth, Love and Liberty Pirates Blend Alt Ska, World Caitlin Brenton view 12/09/2013
Bigtree Bonsai Awoken Bigtree Bonsai Alt ..., Folk, Folk Rock, Indie Diana Englert view 12/09/2013
bEEdEEgEE Sum/One 4AD Alt ..., Rock Dalal Kaddoura view 12/08/2013
Electrohoney Electrohoney Independent Alt ..., ..., GlamPop Dalal Kaddoura view 12/08/2013
Fathom Lane Fathom Lane Longplayer... Alt Alt-... André Pettman view 12/08/2013
Mike Korte Startling Stories N/A Alt ... André Pettman view 12/08/2013
Blood Orange Chamakay [Single] Domino Alt Dance, groovy André Pettman view 12/08/2013
The Weeknd & Sia Singles Universal... Alt Alt-Hip..., Pop, Rock Derek Colbert view 12/08/2013
David Pollack Put It Into Words David Pollack Alt ... Sivanne Almog view 12/08/2013
Matt Hannah Let the Lonely Fade Gamine Records Alt indie... Sivanne Almog view 12/08/2013
Progress Band Shadow In the Shape of Progress Band Alt Rock-Folk... Sivanne Almog view 12/07/2013
Courtney Yasmineh Wake Me Up When It'... Stupid Bitch... Alt ..., Singer/... Sivanne Almog view 12/07/2013
Thao & The Get Down... The Feeling Kind Domino Recording... Alt easy rock, folk rock..., jazz pop, popular... Diana Englert view 12/06/2013
Chelsea Cavanaugh Simply bridge road... Alt alt.... Sheridan Fidelman view 12/06/2013
Funk & Gonzo 801 Love EP N/A (EP) Alt Pop, Pop/Rock, Reggae/Ska Michael Heslinga view 12/05/2013
Throwing Muses Purgatory/Paradise Terrorbird Media Alt College... Matthew Nielsen view 12/04/2013
Cloud Control Dream Cave