Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Son Lux Brighter Wounds City Slang Alt ... Gabrielle Ranger view 02/14/2018
Hovvdy Cranberry Double Double... Alt bedroom... Javi Perez view 02/14/2018
HOLY All These Worlds Are... PNKSLM Alt Garage..., glam-rock, Pop Christopher Ewing view 02/14/2018
Palm Rock Island Carpark Records Alt beach-y, Chill Chloe Hislop view 02/12/2018
AppleSauce Tears Pastoral Black Cottage... Alt ... Ellery Page view 02/07/2018
Porches The House Domino Recording... Alt ... Gabby Ranger view 01/31/2018
De Lux More Disco Songs About... Innovative... Alt Dance, Disco, electronic, Indie Pop Chloe Hislop view 01/31/2018
Spice Boys Glaze PNKSLM Recordings Alt Alt Rock/... Katiana Coste view 01/31/2018
Charli XCX Pop 2 Asylum Alt Electro-..., ..., Pop Katie Fapp view 01/31/2018
Des Demonas Des Demonas In The Red... Alt 70's..., New Wave, post-punk Alli Gilbreath view 01/30/2018
Mimicking Birds Layers of Us Glacial Pace... Alt Easy... Matthew Owen view 01/30/2018
King Gizzard And the... GumBoot Soup ATO records Alt but not, Grout Rock, ... Matthew Owen view 01/30/2018
Happy Fits Awfully Apeelin' Self Released Alt Funk Rock Matthew Owen view 01/30/2018
Django Django Marble Skies N/A Alt ... Matsuura view 01/26/2018
Boyo Me, Again Danger... Alt fuzz pop Javi Perez view 01/24/2018
L.A. Law Law & Order Burger Records Alt ... Jon S. Rice view 01/24/2018
Typhoon Offerings Roll Call Records Alt Alt Indie... Christopher Ewing view 01/24/2018
Sufis After Hours Burger Records Alt ..., sci-fi... Ellery Page view 01/21/2018
Porches The House Domino Recording... Alt Dream Pop, Indie, Synth Pop Michael Jepson view 01/21/2018
Knuckle Puck Shapeshifter Rise Records Alt Pop Punk Javi Perez view 12/06/2017
Noel Gallagher's High... Who Built The Moon? Sour Mash Alt ... Jon S. Rice view 12/06/2017
Decent Criminal Bloom Dodgeball Records Alt Alt punk, Alt rock, surf punk Katie Fapp view 12/06/2017
Surf Rock Is Dead We Have No Friends? EP Native Sound Alt Dream Pop Katie Fapp view 12/06/2017
Broke Royals Broke Royals Nada Recording... Alt Acoustic... Joann Kohng view 12/05/2017
Bless These Sounds Under... On The Brink of Life Chase Park... Alt angsty... Joann Kohng view 12/05/2017
King Gizzard & The... Polygondwanaland ATO Records Alt ... Arielle Devorah view 12/05/2017
The Kickback Weddings and Funerals Julian Records Alt Alt Indie..., Pop Punk Chloe Hislop view 12/05/2017
Prettiest Eyes Pools Castle Face Alt garage, synth-punk Caitlin Fung view 12/05/2017
The Holy Dark Pretty Little Bird Dodgeball Records Alt folksy, Indie Caitlin Fung view 12/05/2017
Vista Kicks Booty Shakers Ball Little Hook... Alt Americana..., Indie Arielle Devorah view 12/05/2017
Vista Kicks Booty Shakers Ball Little Hook... Alt Americana..., Indie Arielle Devorah view 12/05/2017
Heaters Matterhorn Beyond Beyond is... Alt post-..., pscyhrock Alli Gilbreath view 12/04/2017
Posse Horse Blanket Self-Release Alt guitar..., Indie, slow jams Jon S. Rice view 11/29/2017
The Weather Station The Weather Station Paradise of... Alt canadian..., Country... Jon S. Rice view 11/29/2017
Mickey Hart RAMU Verve Alt EDM, ..., World... Jon S. Rice view 11/29/2017
Towers of London Shot in the Dark Planetary Group Alt British..., Pop rock, Punk Hannah Isaac view 11/29/2017
Ora Cogan Crickets Hand Drawn... Alt dreap pop... Arielle Devorah view 11/27/2017
CCFX CCFX EP DFA Records Alt Indie, Pop, retro, Shoegaze Nate Smith view 11/28/2017
The Moms Doing Asbestos We Can Bar/None Records Alt pop-..., Punk Alli Gilbreath view 11/27/2017
Gordon Raphael Sleep On The Radio Shoplifter... Alt Alt Indie... Joann Kohng view 11/27/2017
Lime Cordiale Permanent Vacation Permanent... Alt Alt Indie Joann Kohng view 11/27/2017
Marble Party Sometimes A Great Ocean Floating Records Alt Acoustic..., Alt Indie... Arielle Devorah view 11/27/2017
Fits All Belief Is Paradise Father/Daughter... Alt Punk-ish, Rock Gabrielle Ranger view 11/21/2017
Kelly Clarkson Meaning of Life Atlantic Records Alt catchy, Pop Will Fotter view 11/20/2017
Graham the Empire Rise Self Released Alt '..., electro... Hibah Ilyas view 11/20/2017
The Sherlocks Live for the Moment None Alt alt-pop, british..., indieish Will Fotter view 11/20/2017
Sufjan Stevens The Greatest Gift Asthmatic Kitty Alt ..., Folk, Remixes Hannah Isaac view 11/20/2017
John Maus Screen Memories Ribbon Music Alt 80s synth... Maximilian Serventi view 11/17/2017
Julian Baker Turn Out The Lights Matador Alt Good..., ... Nick Kivi view 11/16/2017
Dawn People The Star Is Your Future DFA Alt ..., Genre-... Jon S. Rice view 11/16/2017