Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Dulac Smack Chicken And Rice Self-released Alt Funk, jam, Jazz-Rock, Rock Lauren Wexler view 02/13/2015
Geographer Ghost Modern Roll Call Records Alt (Synth..., Electro... Lili Steffen view 02/13/2015
Björk Vulnicura One Little Indian Alt ..., Indie... Lauren Wexler view 02/13/2015
The Ting Tings Super Critical Finca Alt Disco, Dream Pop, ... Lauren Wexler view 02/13/2015
Sullivan Heavy Is The Head Independent Alt Alt rock, Indie Rock Alexis Walker view 02/11/2015
Mary Bue Holy Bones Self-Released Alt Indie, Songwriter Katie Fapp view 02/11/2015
CAIRO A History of Reasons Maple Music Alt Folk?, Indie, indie pop? Ali Shareef view 02/11/2015
The Dodos Individ Polyvinyl Records Alt Indie Rock Ali Shareef view 02/11/2015
Amason Sky City Fairfax Alt Indie Pop, Swedish... Katie Fapp view 02/09/2015
The Rua Essence FOD Records Alt airy..., Female..., light..., New Age Melanie Zelikovsky view 02/09/2015
Husband The Money Planetary Group Alt Americana..., Neo-... Melanie Zelikovsky view 02/09/2015
Nothing But Theives Graveyard Whistling Sony Music... Alt Indie, mellow... Demi Graham view 02/09/2015
Street Joy Street Joy-EP Trick Pony... Alt beach, Indie Rock Krissy Baca view 02/06/2015
The Union Trade A Place of Long Years Tricycle Alt Post-Rock Jakub Safar view 02/06/2015
And the Kids Turn to Each Other Signature Sounds Alt Indie Pop..., Punk Daniel Clark view 02/04/2015
Kingsborough The Night, The Grind,... Self-released Alt Americana, Blues-rock, Rock Katie Fapp view 02/04/2015
Mute Swan Feel How It Sees sel-released Alt ... Parisa Eshrati view 02/04/2015
Aphex Twin Computer Controlled... Warp Alt abstract..., electro..., IDM Parisa Eshrati view 02/04/2015
Belle and Sebastian Girls in Peacetime Want... Matador Records Alt Indie Pop, Synth Pop Ali Shareef view 02/04/2015
Sleater-Kinney No Cities to Love Sub Pop Alt Indie Punk, Punk, Riot Grrrl Zazil Davis-Vazquez view 02/04/2015
Monogold This Bloom Monogold Alt ... Zazil Davis-Vazquez view 02/03/2015
Callenberg The Bailout Shop Bend Records Alt Drone Folk, Lofi Pop, singer-... Brianna Bartos view 02/03/2015
Billy Hey Spaceman Seigotunes Alt soft alt... Taylor Brestel view 02/03/2015
Future Of What Pro Dreams Terrorbird Alt bandcamp, dreamy... Lili Steffen view 02/02/2015
Current Swell Ulysses Nettwerk Records Alt alt folk, Folk, slightly... Taylor Brestel view 02/02/2015
Saskwatch Nose Dive Northside Records Alt light rock, Soul Ali Shareef view 02/02/2015
Title Fight Hyperview Anti- Alt nugaze, post-punk, Shoegaze Melanie Trecha view 02/02/2015
Light Club Youth Is Fading EP Self-released Alt Indie Pop Emily Beiser view 02/01/2015
Jib Kidder Teaspoon To The Ocean Domino Recording... Alt Dreamlike, Lo-Fi... Henry Jensen view 02/01/2015
Coasts Coasts Capitol Records Alt Indie Pop Samantha Fung view 02/01/2015
All We Are All We Are Domino Alt 80's..., ... Samantha Fung view 02/01/2015
Last Charge of the Light... Nine Kinds of Happy Curlock &... Alt eclectic... MTucker view 01/30/2015
The Traveling Suitcase Nobody Wins Self-released Alt Indie-Folk, indie-jazz, Indie-rock MTucker view 01/30/2015
American Scarecrows Yesteryear None Alt Alt-... MTucker view 01/30/2015
Corners Maxed Out On Distractions Lolipop Alt garage, New Wave, post-punk Parisa Eshrati view 01/29/2015
Pond Man It Feels Like Space... Self Released Alt Glam-Funk..., Neo-... Jeremy M view 01/29/2015
Sink Tapes Creases Mint 400 /... Alt College..., Shoegaze Jakub Safar view 01/27/2015
Panda Bear Panda Bear Meets the... Domino Recordings Alt non-rap..., post-dub, post-house, ... Jake Calegari view 01/26/2015
Ty Segall Mr. Face EP Famous Class... Alt garage, Indie, psych folk, Rock Melanie Trecha view 01/26/2015
Ty Segall $INGLE$ 2 Drag City Alt classic ty, fuzzy fuzz, Garage... Melanie Trecha view 01/26/2015
Viet Cong Viet Cong Jagjaguwar Alt art rock, post-punk, rockin Jake Calegari view 01/25/2015
Laney Jones Golden Road Self-released Alt Bluegrass, Folk, indie folk Katie Fapp view 01/24/2015
Nemes I Carry Your Heart Self-Released Alt alt-rock, upbeat Taylor Brestel view 01/24/2015
Joe Gigs and Life at 3 A.M. Won't Let Go Later in the Day... Alt Rock/Folk... MTucker view 01/22/2015
The Echo Bombs King of Uncool Rubber Brother... Alt garage, psychosurf MTucker view 01/22/2015
Jack Name Weird Moons Castleface Alt Lo-Fi, Lo-Fi..., Noise, Space Rock Parisa Eshrati view 01/18/2015
The Human Experience