Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Xiu Xiu Forget Polyvinyl Alt Noise, Synth Pop Andrew Boring. view 02/24/2017
CastleComer All of The Noise EP Self-Released Alt Pop Javi Perez view 02/22/2017
Mannequin Pussy Romantic Audiotree Live Alt art-punk, Artrock, Noiserock Zekeriya Efe view 02/22/2017
Oso Oso The Yunahon Mixtape Self Released Alt emo, Indie Rock, Pop Punk Andrew Boring view 02/21/2017
Meat Wave The Incessant SideOneDummy... Alt noise rock, Punk Rock Daniel Clark view 02/17/2017
Starita - “Rules Featuring... For The Record Different Fur... Alt alt hip... Maximilian Serventi view 02/17/2017
Keaton Conrad Waves Keaton Conrad Alt Indie, Pop, Soul Andrew Boring view 02/15/2017
Thigh Master Early Times Bruit Direct... Alt DIY indie..., Lo-Fi Kyle Morris view 02/13/2017
Japandroids Near To The Wild Heart... Anti- Alt Indie Rock, lo fi Kyle Morris view 02/13/2017
Saro In Loving Memory Mateo Sound Alt Alt Pop Hannah Isaac view 02/10/2017
Tony Molina Confront the Truth Slumberland... Alt Acoustic, Guitar Pop Andrew Boring view 02/09/2017
Goldfrapp Anymore - Single Mute RPM Alt, Pop, synth-pop Andrew Boring view 02/09/2017
Go Fever Go Fever Self Released Alt surf pop Sidney Whitmire view 02/08/2017
The Spirit of the Beehive You Are Arrived (but you... Ice Age Records... Alt scifi, Shoegaze Javi Perez view 02/08/2017
The Griswolds High Times for Low Lives Wind-up Records Alt ... Sidney Whitmire view 02/08/2017
Stef Chura Messes Urinal Cake Alt good stuff Nick Kivi view 02/08/2017
Gone Beyond Gone Gone Beyond Gone Slow Down Alt electronic, Folk, ... Sidney Whitmire view 02/08/2017
Tyvek Origin of What In The Red Alt heckin... Nick Kivi view 02/08/2017
The Expos Joy Warped Your... Alt Punk Nathan Gosnell view 02/08/2017
Pissed Jeans The Bar Is Low Sub Pop Alt noise rock, Punk Nathan Gosnell view 02/08/2017
i'... Suburban Liquor Bangkok Blend Alt Skramz Jack Maloney view 02/08/2017
Closet Goth Pretty Dead Warped Your... Alt No-wave, post punk Jack Maloney view 02/08/2017
You Me At Six Night People BMG Rights... Alt Indie Rock, Pop-Rock Hibah Ilyas view 02/06/2017
BETS project violent femmes Self Released Alt Dream Pop, Indie Pop Brooke Blizzard view 02/07/2017
The Last Shadow Puppets The Dream Synopsis EP Domino Recording... Alt bungee..., Indie Rock Brendan Bogar/Patrick Baker view 02/06/2017
Kid Koala ft. Emiliana... "The Observable... Arts &... Alt chill... Alex Paris view 02/07/2017
Jain Jain the EP RCA Records Alt French Pop, low-key... Hannah Isaac view 02/07/2017
Society Falls Brutally Honest Society Falls Alt alt-rock, Rock Taylor Brestel view 02/06/2017
Divided Minds Perception Divided Minds Alt alt-rock, emo, Rock Taylor Brestel view 02/06/2017
Priests Nothing Feels Natural Sister Polygon... Alt post punk Andrew Boring view 02/03/2017
Sleater-Kinney Live in Paris Sub Pop Alt Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Riot Grrl Daniel Clark view 02/02/2017
Dolly Spartans Time Sides With No One Noble Media Alt garage, Indie, Pop Javi Perez view 02/01/2017
Pink Martini Je dis oui! Audiogram Alt Multi-..., World Jacob Sky Bruse view 01/31/2017
Homeshake Call Me Up Sinderlyn Alt bedroom r..., Funk, groovy lo... Jack Maloney view 01/31/2017
Animotion Raise Your Expectations Invisible Hands... Alt Indie, synth-pop Hibah Ilyas view 01/31/2017
Cloud Nothings Life Without Sound Carpark Records Alt Indie Rock, lofi Kyle Morris view 01/30/2017
Spoon Single Matador Records Alt art rock, ..., Indie Pop, Indie Rock Daniel Clark view 01/28/2017
Real Estate Single Domino Alt Dream Pop, Indie Rock, jangle pop, Surf Rock Daniel Clark view 01/28/2017
Jim James Eternally Even ATO Records Alt Folk, Mellow, ... Will Fotter view 01/27/2017
Arcade Fire I Give You Power (single) Merge Alt ..., ... Brooke Blizzard view 01/26/2017
Keller Williams Raw Freeky Disc Alt Acoustic, Bluegrass, Folk, jam Will Fotter view 01/26/2017
Paper Pilots Automatic EP Honeymoon Drug... Alt alt-pop, Dance, Pop Taylor Brestel view 01/26/2017
Mary Bell Mary Bell LP Le Collectif... Alt Grunge, post-punk, Punk Rock, Riot Grrrl Brooke Blizzard view 01/25/2017
Arbor Labor Union I Hear You Sub Pop Alt ..., Indie, Mellow DeRay Chatter view 01/25/2017
Japanese Wallpaper Japanese Wallpaper EP Zero Through Nine Alt ... Hibah Ilyas view 01/24/2017
The xx I see you Young Turks... Alt english, Indie Pop Chloe Raissen view 01/19/2017
Crumb Crumb Self-released Alt jazzy... Emily Beiser view 01/16/2017
His Clancyness Isolation Culture Hand Drawn... Alt Funk, Noisepop, ..., Synthpop Zekeriya Efe view 12/14/2016
Nots Cosmetic Goner Alt noise rock, Punk Rock Alex Siegel view 12/14/2016
Forth Wanderers Slop Father/Daughter Alt Indie Pop Alex Siegel