Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
The Buttertones Gravedigging Innovative... Alt Punk Rock, Surf Rock Alex Siegel view 05/03/2017
HEALTH DISCO3 Concord Alt Dance Punk, Noise Alex Siegel view 05/03/2017
The Courtneys II Flying Nun... Alt Fuzz, Garage..., Indie Pop, Indie Rock, slacker... Andrew Boring view 04/26/2017
ho9909 City Rejects &... Toys Have Power... Alt deep..., garage..., grime alt, metal hip..., Punk Ellery Page view 04/24/2017
Diet Cig I Swear I'm Good at... FrenchKiss... Alt Indie Pop Javi Perez view 04/19/2017
Beach Fossils This Year - Single Bayonet Alt Dream Pop, Indie Rock Alex Siegel view 04/19/2017
Beach Fossils This Year - Single Bayonet Alt Dream Pop, Indie Rock Ale view 04/19/2017
Brandon Can't Dance Graveyard of Good Times Lucky Number... Alt synth-pop Sophia Courtney view 04/18/2017
Ariel Pink & Weyes... Myths 002 Mexican Summer Alt Folk Synth Daniel Clark view 04/16/2017
Conor Oberst Salutations Nonesuch Records... Alt indie folk, Indie Rock Daniel Clark view 04/16/2017
Tigers Jaw Guardian - Single Black Cement Alt Indie Rock Javi Perez view 04/12/2017
Father John Misty Pure Comedy Sub Pop Alt acoustic... Maximilian Serventi view 04/12/2017
Particle Kid Particle Kid Hen House Studios Alt ..., Soft... Hibah Ilyas view 04/12/2017
The Bushwick Hotel Hard Times Self-Released Alt jazzy, Swing Jacob Sky Bruse view 04/12/2017
The Obsessives The Obsessives Lame-o Records Alt Indie Rock Taylor Brestel view 04/12/2017
The Weeks Easy Lightning Rod... Alt Americana, Southern... Will Fotter view 04/11/2017
Said the Whale As Long As Your Eyes Are... Hidden Pony... Alt polished, Pop, Psych-rock, sleek Will Fotter view 04/11/2017
Gold Star Big Blue Autumn Tone Alt Alt-..., Folk, Melancholy Will Fotter view 04/11/2017
Misterwives Singles Photo Finish... Alt Alt Pop, Electro..., Indie Pop Amanda Chesin view 04/05/2017
Diners A Soft Day Warped Your... Alt desert pop, Indie Rock Brandon Serrano view 04/05/2017
PWR BTTM Answer My Text - Single Polyvinyl Record... Alt Garage..., Indie Punk, Punk, Rock Taylor Brestel view 04/03/2017
Ed Sheeran Divide Atlantic Records Alt Acoustic..., alt-rap, folk-y Hibah Ilyas view 03/29/2017
Jay Pray Jay Pray Think Thought... Alt Electropop, Pop Taylor Brestel view 03/29/2017
Real Estate In Mind Domino Alt Dream Pop, Indie Rock, jangle pop, ... Roy Santa Cruz view 03/29/2017
Temples Volcano Heavenly... Alt ... Maximilian Serventi view 03/22/2017
Mother Mother No Culture Universal Music... Alt ..., Indie Rock, New Wave Daniel Clark view 03/22/2017
Letherette Where Have All The... Ninja Tune Alt Ambient Alex Paris view 03/22/2017
Maggie Rogers Now That The Light is... Universal Music... Alt Lo-Fi Patrick Baker view 03/22/2017
The Black Line Line Up CRock Records Alt Garage..., Guitar..., Rock Brendan Bogar view 03/20/2017
Why? Moh Lhean Joyful Noise... Alt Indie Rock Andrew Boring view 03/22/2017
CLAVVS World Underwater CLAVVS Alt Trip-hop Patrick Baker view 03/22/2017
CLAVVS World Underwater CLAVVS Alt Trip-hop Patrick Baker view 03/22/2017
Craig Finn We All Want The Same... Partisan Alt getting... Nick Kivi view 03/22/2017
Dan The Man Circadian Circus Bright Antenna... Alt Folk Pop Joann Kohng view 03/22/2017
Johnossi Blood Jungle Universal Music Alt ... Joann Kohng view 03/21/2017
Be Charlotte One Drop EP AWAI/Kobalt... Alt British... Joann Kohng view 03/21/2017
CCTV 7" Piece of Paper... Self-released Alt post punk, Punk Rock Alex Siegel view 03/10/2017
Pissed Jeans Why Love Now Sub Pop Alt noise rock, Post-..., psych punk, Punk Rock Alex Siegel view 03/10/2017
The Orwells Terrible Human Beings Atlantic Alt garage..., Indie Rock Alex Siegel view 03/10/2017
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah The Tourist Clap Your Hands... Alt Indie Pop Nick Ziolkowski view 03/09/2017
Cavegreen Vita Lucida Self-Released Alt Electro-... Sophia Courtney view 03/09/2017
Meatbodies Alice In the Red... Alt Garage..., groovy lo..., Lo-Fi..., ... Sally Lynx view 03/08/2017
Alison Krauss Windy City Hokker, Inc. Alt Acoustic, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Mellow Will Fotter view 03/08/2017
Froth Outside(briefly) Witchita Alt dreamy..., Shoegaze Javi Perez view 03/08/2017
St. Tropez St. Tropez Self-Released Alt Alt rock, garage..., Punk Alli Gilbreath view 03/08/2017
The Jesus and Mary Chain Always Sad - Single ADA Alt Indie Pop, noise pop, post-punk Roy Santa Cruz view 03/08/2017
Ryan Adams Prisoner Blue Note Records Alt Acoustic, Alt..., Folk, Rock Will Fotter view 03/07/2017
Mr. Elevator & The... When the Morning Greets... Rad Cat Reords Alt psych pop, ... Daniel Clark view 03/06/2017
Jay Som Everybody Works Polyvinyl Alt Dream Pop, Indie Pop Daniel Clark view 03/06/2017
Dude York Sincerely Hardly Art Alt Indie Pop Javi Perez view 03/01/2017