Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Thievery Corporation saudade Esl Music Alt Bossa Nova McKenzie Storey view 04/22/2014
Chad VanGaalen Shrink Dust Sub Pop Alt ..., i dont..., Indie Rock, ... Ali Shareef view 04/22/2014
Lost & Nameless Empty Spaces Lost &... Alt Folk Rock, indie folk Ali Shareef view 04/22/2014
The String Cheese Incident Song In My Head SCI Fidelity Alt afro-pop, Bluegrass, Indie-rock, Neo-... Ali Shareef view 04/22/2014
Death III Drag City Alt Garage..., proto-punk Jakub Safar view 04/22/2014
Dwntwn Dwntwn Jullian Records Alt Chill, electronic, folk..., Indie, synth-pop Lili Steffen view 04/22/2014
Brothertiger Future Splendors Mush Alt Ambient..., Chillwave, electronic Lili Steffen view 04/22/2014
Only Real Cadillac Girl EP Harvest Alt chill... Matthew Nielsen view 04/20/2014
Clear the Day ...Listening N/A Alt Alt-... Sivanne Almog view 04/20/2014
Halliway Why Is Love... Spinnup Alt Alt Pop-... Sivanne Almog view 04/20/2014
Sofie Winterson Your Eyes Instant Reply Alt Alt Pop Sivanne Almog view 04/20/2014
Sofie Winterson Your Eyes Instant Reply Alt Alt Pop Sivanne Almog view 04/20/2014
Austin Plaine Austin Plaine Wevolve Music Alt ..., singer-... Sivanne Almog view 04/20/2014
Matt Koelsch & The... Epic Summer Turbulent Records Alt Rock/Folk... Sivanne Almog view 04/20/2014
Reonda Moon EP Self-Released Alt Acoustic, Indie Erinn Fung view 04/19/2014
Metronomy Love Letters Elektra Alt ..., Indie Erinn Fung view 04/17/2014
Panama Always EP Future Classic Alt 80s synth..., ..., Electro-... Tatum Schranz view 04/17/2014
Wye Oak Shriek Merge Records Alt Indie Rock Tatum Schranz view 04/17/2014
SOHN Tremors 4AD Alt Ambient, electronic, Indie Tatum Schranz view 04/17/2014
Seahaven Reverie Lagoon: Music... Run for Cover... Alt beach, dreamy, Indie, sleepy... Melanie Trecha view 04/17/2014
Swans A Little God In My Hands... Young God Alt ..., Noise, post-punk Brett Botting view 04/16/2014
Little Lapin Little Lapin Self-Released Alt Female..., singer... Caitlin Brenton view 04/16/2014
Cheetah Chrome Solo Old Loud &... Alt 90s, Alt-..., ..., surf Caitlin Brenton view 04/16/2014
My Fiction Shallow Highs My Fiction... Alt 90's..., musey Caitlin Brenton view 04/16/2014
CEO Wonderland Modular... Alt Swedish... Jade Peterson view 04/16/2014
Walking Shapes Taka Come On No Shame Alt ... Jade Peterson view 04/16/2014
Ocean Street Ocean Street Self-released Alt Modern..., Post-..., Rock and... Jake Calegari view 04/15/2014
For A Minor Reflection Live At Iceland Airwaves Unsigned Alt Indie Rock, ... Dalal Kaddoura view 04/15/2014
Genders Get Lost Genders Alt Alt rock, Guitar, idk Lili Steffen view 04/15/2014
Neighbors Failure Self-Released Alt 80s new..., 90s synth, synth Lili Steffen view 04/13/2014
Avey Tare's Slasher... Enter the Slasher House Domino Alt ..., psych..., weirdo pop Melanie Trecha view 04/13/2014
Wild Ones Keep it Safe Topshelf Records Alt beach, dreamy..., Indie Rock, Synth Pop Melanie Trecha view 04/13/2014
Casper & The Cookies Dingbats Wild Kindness/... Alt hey look..., Indie Rock Brett Botting view 04/11/2014
Mr. Little Jeans Pocket Knife Harvest Records Alt alt-pop, Electro-..., top 40... Brett Botting view 04/11/2014
OFF! Wasted Years Vice Alt Residual... Kaivon view 04/11/2014
Big Scary Not Art Pieater Alt alt-pop, indie-pop Matthew Nielsen view 04/11/2014
Death Vessel Island Intervals Sub Pop Alt neo-folk André Pettman view 04/10/2014
Chappo Future Former Self Rouse Records Alt alt-pop André Pettman view 04/10/2014
The Spits Kill The Kool In The Red... Alt fuzzy, garage..., weirdo Brett Botting view 04/09/2014
The Black Angels Clear Lake Forest Blue Horizon Alt 60s..., fuzzy pop Brett Botting view 04/09/2014
Howler World of Joy Rough Trade Alt Surf Rock Nick Cotter view 04/09/2014
Odonis Odonis Hard Boiled Soft Boiled Buzz Alt Noise, Punk, Shoegaze Matthew Nielsen view 04/09/2014
Bend Sinister Animals File Under: Music Alt 70s, Glam Rock Ben Don view 04/09/2014
I Anthem West of Homeland NONE Alt Alt rock, Post..., soft rock Ali Shareef view 04/09/2014
Tribu Ultravioleta Piñata Tribu... Alt beachy, electronic, ..., Lounge, World Lili Steffen view 04/08/2014
Colourmusic May You Marry Rich memphis... Alt darkish, electronic, Heavy, Indie Rock Lili Steffen view 04/08/2014
Michael Barry-Rec Continuum Self-Released Alt Acoustic, Acoustic-..., Folk Daniel Witter view 04/06/2014
Cloud Nothings Here And Nowhere Else Carpark Records Alt