Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Jóhann Jóhannsson The Theory of Everything Backlot Music Alt Classical, Soundtrack Jessie marman view 11/22/2014
King Gizzard and The... 'I'm in your... FLIGHTLESS BABY Alt ..., garage, Indie, ..., Punk, Rock, Soul Ryan Reyes view 11/20/2014
Jon Hopkins Asleep Versions Domino Alt Ambient, ... Jakub Safar view 11/20/2014
Deptford Goth Songs Terrorbird Alt ... Nick Cotter view 11/19/2014
Nots We Are Nots Goner Records Alt garage, Lo-Fi, Punk Zazil Davis-Vazquez view 11/19/2014
Aroara In The Pines Club Roll Music Alt calm, melodic Taylor Brestel view 11/19/2014
Hookworms The Hum Domino Alt Lo-Fi, noise rock, psych punk Ali Shareef view 11/19/2014
Trita The Narcoma Self Released Alt Alt Metal, Rock Samantha Fung view 11/18/2014
Jess Reimer The Nightjar and the... Pipe & Hat Alt Country Samantha Fung view 11/18/2014
Manchester Orchestra Hope Seven Four... Alt Acoustic... Tatum Schranz view 11/18/2014
Ryan Hemsworth Alone for the First Time Last Gang Records Alt clouds (..., ... André Pettman view 11/18/2014
Ben Howard I Forget Where We Were Island Records Alt acoustic..., Singer/... Tatum Schranz view 11/18/2014
Elisa Ambrogio The Immortalist Drag City Alt Indie Pop, singer-... Jakub Safar view 11/17/2014
Turtle Giant Golden Summer Self-released Alt Alt rock, Baroque... Katie Fapp view 11/17/2014
SALES SALES EP SALES Alt Acoustic..., Dream Pop Kira Baum view 11/17/2014
Yelle Complètement Fou Syndicate Alt Disco Pop, Electro..., French Pop, Pop Kira Baum view 11/17/2014
Prince Rupert's Drops Climbing Light Terrorbird Alt 60's... Payton Wells view 11/17/2014
The Jazz June After the Earthquake Topshelf Records Alt emo, Indie Rock, Punk Katie Fapp view 11/16/2014
Team Spirit Killing Time Vice Alt Punk, Rock Taylor Brestel view 11/16/2014
I am Love I am Love SOJ Alt ..., Indie-Folk Erinn Fung view 11/15/2014
Guster Simple Machine EP Nettwerk/Ocho... Alt indie-pop Erinn Fung view 11/15/2014
Various Topshelf Records: 2014... Topshelf Records Alt Alt rock, emo, Indie, Indie Pop, math rock, Post-..., Punk, screamo Katie Fapp view 11/14/2014
Jungle Jungle XL Recordings Alt Dance, Funk, groovy Jessie Marman view 11/14/2014
Anton Kellner & The... You Were the Fire Anton Kellner Alt camping, Country..., Folk Jessie Marman view 11/14/2014
Zulu Wave Jagorilla Self Released Alt Rock Payton Wells view 11/13/2014
Gold Lake Years Parallel Alt Pop Payton Wells view 11/13/2014
Rocket 3 Burn NONE Alt Dream Pop, Indie Pop, surf pop Molly Ragan view 11/12/2014
Vashti Bunyan Heartleap Fat Cat Alt Folk, ... Jake Calegari view 11/12/2014
Deerhoof La Isla Bonita Polyvinyl Records Alt DIY Zazil Davis-Vazquez view 11/12/2014
Wet Socks Drips Retro Futurist... Alt garage..., Rock Krissy Baca view 11/12/2014
Manning LoveJustice Self-Released Alt ..., soft rock Taylor Brestel view 11/12/2014
Medicine Home Everywhere Captured Tracks Alt Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Shoegaze Ali Shareef view 11/12/2014
Nikki Yanofsky Little Secret A440... Alt Jazz, Pop Taylor Brestel view 11/11/2014
TEAM* Good Morning Bad Day South by Sea Alt Indie Jacob Smith view 11/11/2014
Minus The Bear Lost Loves Dangerbird... Alt Indie Rock Emily Beiser view 11/11/2014
Stone Cold Fox Memory Palace Self-released Alt Indie Pop, Indie Rock Katie Fapp view 11/10/2014
The Flaming Lips With A Little Help From... Warner Bros. Alt ..., Rock Katie Fapp view 11/10/2014
Lindy Vision Pink + Black Self-released Alt Electro..., New Wave Katie Fapp view 11/10/2014
Kode9 & the Spaceape Killing Season Hyperdub Alt Dub, spoken... Jake Calegari view 11/05/2014
White Mystery Telepathic White Mystery Alt garage, noisy..., ... MTucker view 11/05/2014
Absolutely Free Absolutely Free. Lefse Records Alt electronic, ... Samantha Fung view 11/04/2014
Rancid Honor Is All We Know Epitaph Alt Grunge..., Punk Rock, Ska-Punk Lauren Wexler view 11/04/2014
The Webelos Webelos Self-Released Alt 60's..., Beach Rock, Latin Folk, Ska, soft rock, Surf Rock Lauren Wexler view 11/04/2014
OK GO Hungry Ghosts BMG Alt Pop, Pop-Rock, Space Rock Lauren Wexler view 11/04/2014
The Left Ready The Left Ready Self-Released Alt Blues Rock, Rock Katie Fapp view 11/01/2014
The Dead Milkmen Pretty Music for Pretty... Self-Released Alt Satire, WEIRD Taylor Brestel view 11/01/2014
Static People Rare Creatures Mass Ants Music Alt Alt punk, Space Rock Katie Fapp view 10/31/2014
Dinosaur Feathers Control Ernest Jenning... Alt eighties, Everything, ... Samantha Fung view 10/31/2014
Go Wolf Go Wolf Ooh La La Records Alt (Synth..., indie-pop Samantha Fung view 10/31/2014
Sleater-Kinney Start Together- Sampler Sub Pop Alt Indie, Punk, Riot Grrrl Katie Fapp view 10/30/2014