Artist Album Label Genre SubGenre Name Date Reviewed
Last Charge of the Light... Nine Kinds of Happy Curlock &... Alt eclectic... MTucker view 01/30/2015
The Traveling Suitcase Nobody Wins Self-released Alt Indie-Folk, indie-jazz, Indie-rock MTucker view 01/30/2015
American Scarecrows Yesteryear None Alt Alt-... MTucker view 01/30/2015
Corners Maxed Out On Distractions Lolipop Alt garage, New Wave, post-punk Parisa Eshrati view 01/29/2015
Pond Man It Feels Like Space... Self Released Alt Glam-Funk..., Neo-... Jeremy M view 01/29/2015
Sink Tapes Creases Mint 400 /... Alt College..., Shoegaze Jakub Safar view 01/27/2015
Panda Bear Panda Bear Meets the... Domino Recordings Alt non-rap..., post-dub, post-house, ... Jake Calegari view 01/26/2015
Ty Segall Mr. Face EP Famous Class... Alt garage, Indie, psych folk, Rock Melanie Trecha view 01/26/2015
Ty Segall $INGLE$ 2 Drag City Alt classic ty, fuzzy fuzz, Garage... Melanie Trecha view 01/26/2015
Viet Cong Viet Cong Jagjaguwar Alt art rock, post-punk, rockin Jake Calegari view 01/25/2015
Laney Jones Golden Road Self-released Alt Bluegrass, Folk, indie folk Katie Fapp view 01/24/2015
Nemes I Carry Your Heart Self-Released Alt alt-rock, upbeat Taylor Brestel view 01/24/2015
Joe Gigs and Life at 3 A.M. Won't Let Go Later in the Day... Alt Rock/Folk... MTucker view 01/22/2015
The Echo Bombs King of Uncool Rubber Brother... Alt garage, psychosurf MTucker view 01/22/2015
Jack Name Weird Moons Castleface Alt Lo-Fi, Lo-Fi..., Noise, Space Rock Parisa Eshrati view 01/18/2015
The Human Experience Embraced Jumpsuit Alt Ambient, Downtempo, electronic, heady, World Parisa Eshrati view 01/18/2015
Captain Squeegee To The Bardos 80/20 Records Alt local, ..., Ska Parisa Eshrati view 01/17/2015
The Aquadolls Stoked On You Burger Records Alt Garage..., Surf Rock Jakub Safar view 01/16/2015
Peaking Lights Cosmic Logic Domino Recording... Alt lo-fi..., ... Emily Beiser view 01/15/2015
Beacon L1 Ghostly... Alt Chill, Dance Jakub Safar view 01/15/2015
Lewis Hawaiian Breeze Fiasco Bros. Alt Ambient, Lo-Fi, singer-... Jakub Safar view 01/15/2015
The Serotones Self The Seotones Alt Pop Punk Caitlin Brenton view 01/13/2015
Call Security To Whom it May Concern Call Security... Alt post punk Caitlin Brenton view 01/13/2015
The Driftin' Suns Season 1: Spring The Driftin... Alt Rock.... Caitlin Brenton view 01/13/2015
The Lucky Dutch Bury The Night The Lucky Dutch Alt southern Caitlin Brenton view 01/13/2015
Deep Diver Under the Neon Lights Deep Diver Alt 80s pop Caitlin Brenton view 01/13/2015
Blacklist Royals Die Young With Me Varese Sarabande Alt Grunge, Punk Rock Kira Baum view 12/18/2014
Johnny Marr Playland New Voodoo Alt 1960s Rock, British..., British..., post-punk... Kira Baum view 12/18/2014
Katastro No Mud No Lotus Katastro Alt ..., Smooth... Kira Baum view 12/17/2014
Bod Party Drug Swoon Records Alt ..., ..., Shoegaze Kira Baum view 12/17/2014
Is Tropical Black Anything Pt. 1 Axis Mundi... Alt Indie Pop Tatum Schranz view 12/10/2014
Priory Weekend EP Warner Bros. Alt Electro... Kalli Wolf view 12/10/2014
Various Artists The Rise & Fall of... Third Man Records Alt Blues, jazz 20-... Kalli Wolf view 12/10/2014
Acid Baby Jesus Selected Recordings Slovenly Records Alt Garage..., ... Molly Ragan view 12/09/2014
Neil Young Storytone Reprise Records Alt 60s/70s... Kalli Wolf view 12/09/2014
Silent Mind Good Morning Mr. Bright Chakra-5-Records Alt Folk... Kalli Wolf view 12/09/2014
Rock Eupora Blanks Rock Eupora Alt fun Kalli Wolf view 12/09/2014
Pill Hill It Tastes A Little... Self-Released Alt Americana, Rock Katie Fapp view 12/09/2014
Feather-Bright Feather-Bright Self-released Alt Folk Rock, moon rock Emily Beiser view 12/09/2014
Mr. Gnome The Heart of a Dark Star El Marko Records... Alt ... Kalli Wolf view 12/08/2014
Peter Morén Broken Swinglish (Vol. 1... Ingrid Alt indie-pop... Ali Shareef view 12/08/2014
FaltyDL ///|\||\\\\ (Marks EP) Ninja Tune Alt abstract, dubstep..., electronic, Lounge, spooky Lili Steffen view 12/08/2014
Until The Ribbon Breaks Util The Ribbon Breaks Kobalt Alt R&B..., Smooth..., Space Rock Lauren Wexler view 12/08/2014
Balmorhea Balmorhea Independent Alt Adult..., ... Vincent Dominguez Jr. view 12/05/2014
Blisses B Sea Level Astronomy Independent Alt Adult..., Folk Rock Samantha Fung view 12/04/2014
AJ Davila y Terror Amor Beibi Burger Records Alt Garage..., Latin..., Lo-Fi Zazil Davis-Vazquez view 12/03/2014
Title Fight Chlorine - single Anti- Alt drone rock, Post-Rock, Punk Melanie Trecha view 12/03/2014
Les Sins Michael Company Records Alt bleep..., ..., euro..., Future Pop Melanie Trecha view 12/03/2014
Crying Get Olde/Second Wind Run for Cover... Alt 8-bit, 90's..., Alt/Punk Zazil Davis-Vazquez view 12/03/2014
The Pooches Smoochin' With The... Self-Released Alt Folk, Folk Pop, lo-fi folk Ali Shareef view 12/03/2014