Artist Submission Info.

Hello independent artists and/or their promoters! Thank you for your interest in our radio station! If you would like us to play your music please mail us a CD. We will only play CDs, we will not take digital downloads from independent artists, and no mp3s or any other electronic copies. Our mailing address for music submissions is:

KAMP Radio Attn:
(***see note below***)
University of Arizona
615 N. Park Ave. #101
Tucson, AZ 85721

***here is that note*** After Attn: on the mailing address please write what genre of music you are sending us. Another option is to send it to a particular music director if you know their name. Be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE, and make sure that MD is still an MD. MD's typically only work for KAMP for one year. If you don't write the genre of music, or are too vague about it (i.e. Rock) your CD will go straight into a black hole and never see the light of day, or a CD player for that matter. This also applies for any music sent to Attn: Music Director... straight to that black hole. Once we receive your songs they will go through a brief review process and then be added into rotation. If you call or email the appropriate music director (see "Contact KAMP" page) they can give you updates on how often your music is being played or other feedback. Thank you again!