The Marketing Department is a great way to get involved in the business side of things here at KAMP Student Radio. We are focused primarily on promoting many of the events and shows that we produce in fun and creative ways. From designing flyers to inventing ads that appear in the U of A's Daily Wildcat, we are continuously working on projects. We are always looking for new and innovative ideas to help KAMP grow and gain exposure.
Advertising for Businesses
KAMP, along with UATV channel 3, provide great ways to advertise your business!

By placing a graphic advertisement on UATV, you can reach approximately 5,000 viewers in the residence halls over 450 times per week. In addition to airtime on UATV, your ad will be seen about 6,000 times on Channel 20, which broadcasts our radio station.

Mall sponsorships are also a great way to reach hundreds of college students during the busiest times of day! For one hour, our DJs will promote your business while they spin the latest music! As well as getting your name and message across, we will also be happy to hand out any informational or promotional materials that you provide.

Jaclyn Kelly
Marketing Director
office: (520) 621-7584

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