General Information

1988 saw the birth of the University of Arizona's first college radio station. From the start, the "Student Radio Task Force" consisted of several passionate students who broadcasted from a claustrophobic studio in the old Memorial Union. They began with an eight-hour programming block, which hosted various genres of music as well as news and sports.

Years later, the "Student Radio Task Force" evolved to what we now know as "KAMP Student Radio." Today, KAMP is home to over 150 student volunteers and all genres of music. KAMP is broadcasting streaming live audio via internet through our website as well as on AM 1570. On-campus students can also access KAMP through closed-circuit television on Channel 20 and UATV (in between movies). KAMP is also broadcast live to the Park Student Union.

Anyone interested in participating in KAMP must attend our weekly Wednesday general meetings at the Saquaro Hall room 101 at 5PM. No experience is necessary, since we'll be happy to train you. And please feel free to visit us at our studios located in the Park Student Union at 615 N. Park Ave, Room #101 during office hours.

KAMP DJ Training Process

Anyone interested in being a DJ on KAMP Radio must first complete DJ Training. To sign up for training, please complete the KAMP New Member Sign-Up Sheet, which can be found here. The training process consists of sitting in on an already existing radio show. Trainees will be paired with DJs according to musical interest. Anyone interested in having a News or Sports show will train with the News or Sports department.
The KAMP training process last for two weeks. After sitting in on four KAMP shows, all trainees must complete a training checklist with the DJ that they trained with. They must then write a show proposal, outlining their vision for the show. They must also complete the programming sheet, which can be found here. All three of these items must be typed and stapled together and then turned in to the programming director. Hand-written forms will not be accepted. After all three things have been turned in and the training process has been completed, the DJ will be eligible to receive their own show. DJs must have also paid their $20 dues to receive a show. Any questions about the training process should be directed to the programming director at